Confirmed: I am under FBI Surveillance

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So for a long time now (since around 2015) I have had a notion that I was under surveillance but nothing definitive to prove it.  Well that all changed today.

Lately I have been followed around by police cars (when I say followed I mean I encountered multiple police cars along my bike route whenever I went out, even when taking backroads) but that ended a few weeks ago.  I think the police were sick of wasting resources tracking someone with no criminal record and has done nothing wrong.

In their place I have now been tracked by helicopters.  But today things got strange.  Instead of the casual flyby I have noticed lately in my travels, today there have been helicopters circling over my whereabouts.  White and blue helicopters.  I noticed one circling over a place that I often frequent today so I diverted my course.  The blue and white helicopter hovered around for around 20 minutes and then gave up and flew away.  I continued on to my destination (a couple miles away from that place) and lo and behold there was a blue and white helicopter circling over my destination.  While I was there not only that helicopter, but another one started circling with the other one. Literally right over the place I was for an hour long.  At the end a large gunship like helicopter went over.

So previously I could somewhat suspend my disbelief that I was being followed but today with helicopters literally circling over me at multiple points, I can no longer deny that I am under full FBI surveillance.  I think the fact that I am hard for them to surveil made it so they had to show their hand and prove definitively they were tracking me in order to follow me.

I am not nor have I ever been suicidal.  I do not have or ever had anything poisonous.  If something happens to me it is very likely because of my research on making gold.  According to my theory gold is made by making a hydrogen sulfide torch flame and aiming it over quartz to create dusty plasma and hitting hematite (iron oxide) with the dusty plasma.  This will create fusion and convert 3 iron atoms and 2 oxygen atoms into one gold atom.  The powers that be do not want the common person to make gold as they will no longer be slaves to the financial system and can make a living on their own. Also my posts sometimes don't seem to be able to be archived on the wayback machine, instead archive.today seems to work, so if anything happens to this blog check archive.org and archive.is for archives.

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