Bigfoot Sasquatch is the Plasma Ape or Invisible Ape: My message to David Paulides

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Hello David,

I am a mechanical engineer and chemist and have been fascinated with your work on missing people.  There are several factors common to missing people that you have discovered that fit in with plasma physics.  As you may or may not know, plasma is one of the most promising cloaking devices we know of and has been used by governments for that purpose.  I am not saying the government is responsible, actually this is more advanced than what the government can do and I will tell you at the end what I think is responsible.

One of your factors is proximity to storms.  This ionizes the air and makes it easier for plasma to form.  I think whatever is doing this only does it when the air is ionized which I will explain why.  Second factor is proximity to granite boulder fields.  Granite contains uranium and produces radon gas, both of which ionize the air and help plasma form.  Third is inability to track.  If a creature was covered in plasma then their scent would be nullified.  Also nearness to water, water vapor in the air will help ionization and plasma formation.  In addition to those factors in "The Hunted" you also revealed actual plasma events in proximity to these sorts of conditions, the blue ball of light, lightsaber-like floating light, the orange glow over the band practice (nitrogen plasma has this color).  Also the same time as the nitrogen plasma event, there was also a cloaking event.

Based on that event I will propose to you my theory.  We are dealing with a "Plasma Ape".  Of course this is commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  But what isn't known is this ape is capable of using plasma for cloaking.  How would it do this?  This ape emits easily ionizable gasses primarily hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell gas (which creates blue plasma).  This gas is the most powerful superconductor known.  I believe this creature absolutely knows it's superpower and lives where, and acts when, it can be cloaked.  I think that it carries granite rocks with it, and it will crack two of these boulders together sparking the plasma (the sharp sound that the hunter heard before their friend went missing) and when the cloaking kicks in (around water, near storms, etc) it feels empowered to spy on people, snatch people, etc.  I think the spooky audio in "The Hunted" is proof to me that not only does this creature exist, but that it is spying on people and learning "Human calls" as you can tell this ape is imitating human voices but with illegible words.  As we know from myths and legends that the will-o-wisps and other myths of human like calls that lure people to their demise.

Anyhow hope this doesn't spook you out more than I'm sure you already are!  Let me know if you have any thoughts on this or questions.

Similar theory:

These creatures may also appear like elves or other things via glamour.  The way they may do this is via psychic telepathy.  The person would likely need to be grounded to communicate with them, hence the removal of the shoes that the creature tells the person to do.

Magnetic anomaly map, usually people missing in magnetic low spots.

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