How to Make Platinum using DIIP Fusion

Platinum seems to be a combination of 1 atom chromium and 2 atoms of iron and 2 atoms of oxygen.  (Chromite).

Also 3 atoms Chromium, 1 Magnesium, and 1 Oxygen may work. (Peridotite, Dunite, Serpentine)

Possible it is also made from Manganese but I haven't seen any mineralogy supporting that.

Arsine or Hydrogen Sulfide dusty plasma is probably the natural source of electrons for the muon creation.

DIIP Fusion: Dusty Ionic Implosion Plasma Fusion

DIIP Fusion pronounced DEEP

So it turns out that oxide is not needed, simply ionic compounds hence this more basic type of fusion (compared to MODPI fusion).  I believe vacancies in the crystal structure may be important to muons forming which cause the structural implosion and fusion.

Ionic compounds are bombarded with dusty reducing plasma causing structural collapse and fusion via muons as an intermediary catalyst.

The ionic compound might preferably have surface anion vacancies, I'm unsure about cation vacancies.  These vacancies may be formed upon bombardment with dusty plasma and possibly heat - in the case that the plasma is a flame.

The dusty reducing plasma would preferably be hydrogen sulfide or telluride or another reducing plasma.  It would preferably contain  silica dust - or another preferably positive triboelectric charging dust (like mica, glass, quartz etc) since it can easily donate accumulated electrons, however negative tribocharging materials like nano or micro gold dust may also work.

The size of the dust particles will play an effect since the larger the dust the more charge it can hold, but there is surely an upper limit to effective dust size.

The temperature of the plasma may also play an effect with possibly lower temperatures being better for enhanced conductivity however a flame is the cheapest and easiest way to make a plasma and the heat may be needed to make anion vacancies.

Typically for DIIP fusion the combined molecular weights of the fusing elements need to equal the molecular weight of the heavier element you are creating.  If the combined atomic numbers happen to also equal the atomic number of the heavier element, all the better (like magnesium arsenide) but just as long as there are equal or greater than the amount of protons in the combined elements compared to the target heavier element, that is ok as the excess protons will be converted to neutrons via muon/electron capture (Positron Emission).

To find possible combinations for ionic species to fuse, study the minerology and geology of the metals you want to create.  For example studying gold minerology led me to making the discovery that 3 iron 55 atoms plus 2 oxygen atoms would fuse into gold (since gold is always found with hematite iron oxide) or how arsenic and magnesium are always found with Rhodium.  All of these metals are always found in proximity to SiO2 and Sulfur or Tellurium or arsenic, which ingredients are needed to make the dusty plasma.

DIIP fusion is the basic requirements and more complex methods can be employed including magnetizing and controlling the dust particles, different temperatures and oxidations of the plasma, etc.

For more info including safety precautions see my other posts with the label "Gold".


How to make Rhodium: Earth's most valuable metal

So I have talked at length about how to make gold however I think we should be making various precious metals.  One extremely low hanging fruit is Rhodium.  At over $5000 an ounce this one is definitely worth a look.  I have a feeling that iridium, platinum, and gold are bieng made and they easily can using the same sort of method with chromium oxide (Cr 53), manganese oxide (Mn 54,54,55), and iron oxide (Fe 55) respectively.  What I don't think has been found is how to make ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium as the mechanism is a bit different.  In the case of Rhodium I am quite sure I figured it out.

Rhodium is made by fusing magnesium and arsenic using dusty hydrogen sulfide plasma.  Besides the normal cautions seen in my making gold posts, this one also is dealing with arsenic, an extremely deadly mineral so more caution is needed.  In the case of gold only iron oxide is needed which is common, but rhodium needs both arsenic and magnesium (magnesium 26 and arsenic 76 with the arsenic 76 is likely created by the dusty plasma) in very close proximity so they can fuse.  Ideally arsenic and magnesium would need to be part of a crystal structure together such as magnesium arsenide or arsenate. Also I don't think palladium is known how to be made yet either so I will try to study the minerology of palladium next.

Magnesium and sulfides


Flux Capacitor VS Triboelectric Nanogenerator TENG

What is the difference between a flux capacitor (aka Flux Generator or Triboelelectric Flux Generator TEFG) and a triboelectric nanogenerator?  The Flux capacitor does not have the triboelectric layers rub on eachother and instead has a medium flow over both of the triboelectric layers (or a single triboelectric layer is also acceptable for a TEFG).

So practically speaking a TENG needs to flex and move and rub on eachother whereas a Flux Capacitor does not.  A flux capacitor needs movement of a fluid relative to the triboelectric layers and a TENG does not.  A TENG will wear out over time from rubbing whereas a Flux capacitor does not necessarily wear out.

A TENG tries to do two things at once, induce rubbing and induce separation.  Trying to do two things at once is not practical and often times one is done at detriment to the other.  A single device without complex mechanisms driven by random phenomenon like walking or moving cannot reliably deliver measured rubbing and then subsequent separation.

A TEFG does not try to do two things at once.  It simply needs to stay the way it is, with the two triboelectric materials a set distance apart.  The only thing that changes is the fluid/material flow through the triboelectric layers.  In this way a TEFG or flux capacitor is a truly passive device.

All in all a Flux Capacitor is an improvement over a TENG.  A TENG is an unsustainable unpredictable unscalable disposable design whereas a Flux Capacitor is sustainable predictable durable and scalable.


MODPI Fusion: Muon Oxide Dusty Plasma Implosion Fusion - How to make Gold

I've made several posts about this sort of cold (catalyzed) fusion before but here is the barebones practical version.

Dusty plasma (plasma must be strongly reducing like Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Telluride) is directed onto a metal oxide.

That's it!

So an easy way to make a plasma is by simply igniting it on fire.  So here is an example procedure to make gold but very many precious metals can be made in a similar way but using a different metal oxide.

1. Make a hydrogen sulfide flame. (precautions like acid gas respirator, flashback arrestor, mostly Proton Beta radiation and a little neutron blocking must be taken {so do this in a hole in the ground or behind a bucket filled with sand, water, and borax})

2.  Direct said flame over quartz.  This adds dust to the plasma.

3.  Direct the now dusty flame onto hematite (Iron Oxide)

4.  Gold is made.

I think a good way to achieve 2 and 3 is to make a mixture of quartz powder and/or kaolin powder with hematite powder.  Make this into a pressed, possibly sintered, disc.  Then just simply flame the disk with a hydrogen sulfide flame and gold should be made.

How does it work?  The hydrogen sulfide/telluride plasma highly charges the tiny silica dust particles.  These dust particles impact a metal oxide depositing the charge which creates muons.  These muons catalyze a structural collapse (implosion) of the elements and they fuse together.  Oxygen vacancies may or may not be needed for this process to occur but should be created at the temperature of a hydrogen sulfide flame anyway (roughly 900c).

If this procedure ends up not working, then there are two avenues to go for enhancing the effect:

1.  More dust.  Perhaps the dust particles aren't numerous enough or big? enough for muon creation.  (the bigger the dust particles the more charge they can hold however they need to be small enough to move freely within the plasma)

2.  A better plasma.  Perhaps just making a flame isn't good enough plasma and you would have to direct the h2s gas stream through an electric field instead to make a better plasma.

If gold is made but not a lot, then the size of the hematite granules should be optimized.  The muons can be reused to make many atoms of gold so the size of the hematite granules should be optimum to reuse as many muons as possible but not too big as that would lessen the amount of dust producing ingredients.  Muons have a certain lifetime so can only be reused a certain amount of times.


Propionibacterium freudenreichii a dangerous hallucinogenic bacteria found in swiss cheese

My baby swiss cheese went a bit bad and I ate it anyway.  Well this caused bizzare flying dreams where I couldn't really control my flight right and also got in fights in my dreams.  Fighty and flighty I suppose you can call it.

This bacteria is diptheroid so it likely creates a tryptamine similar but not exactly DMT.  If DMT is the superhero molecule then what this bacteria produces might be called the supervillan molecule.  If diptheria bacteria gives you the force, then the molecule propionibacterium acnes or other spp. produces gives you the darkside.

Lightheadedness disorientation, trouble waking up from vivid dreams.  Pressure in head which started while helicopters circling.  Sinus pressure/feeling.  Constipation?  This bacteria is killed with tribulis taerrestrus extract and gynostemma extract taken in conjunction.

It causes meningitis so you don't want this bacteria to overgrow.


Dreams of flying and fighting
Bacillis cerus? Or gut diptheria?

Feeling nauseous after taking harmony with extra trib and gyno. 

Baby swiss bacteria?  Yes propinobactetium used to make swiss which is diptheroid.

Improved after taking harmony and elevated levels of gyno and trib


Confirmed: I am under FBI Surveillance

So for a long time now (since around 2015) I have had a notion that I was under surveillance but nothing definitive to prove it.  Well that all changed today.

Lately I have been followed around by police cars (when I say followed I mean I encountered multiple police cars along my bike route whenever I went out, even when taking backroads) but that ended a few weeks ago.  I think the police were sick of wasting resources tracking someone with no criminal record and has done nothing wrong.

In their place I have now been tracked by helicopters.  But today things got strange.  Instead of the casual flyby I have noticed lately in my travels, today there have been helicopters circling over my whereabouts.  White and blue helicopters.  I noticed one circling over a place that I often frequent today so I diverted my course.  The blue and white helicopter hovered around for around 20 minutes and then gave up and flew away.  I continued on to my destination (a couple miles away from that place) and lo and behold there was a blue and white helicopter circling over my destination.  While I was there not only that helicopter, but another one started circling with the other one. Literally right over the place I was for an hour long.  At the end a large gunship like helicopter went over.

So previously I could somewhat suspend my disbelief that I was being followed but today with helicopters literally circling over me at multiple points, I can no longer deny that I am under full FBI surveillance.  I think the fact that I am hard for them to surveil made it so they had to show their hand and prove definitively they were tracking me in order to follow me.

I am not nor have I ever been suicidal.  I do not have or ever had anything poisonous.  If something happens to me it is very likely because of my research on making gold.  According to my theory gold is made by making a hydrogen sulfide torch flame and aiming it over quartz to create dusty plasma and hitting hematite (iron oxide) with the dusty plasma.  This will create fusion and convert 3 iron atoms and 2 oxygen atoms into one gold atom.  The powers that be do not want the common person to make gold as they will no longer be slaves to the financial system and can make a living on their own. Also my posts sometimes don't seem to be able to be archived on the wayback machine, instead archive.today seems to work, so if anything happens to this blog check archive.org and archive.is for archives.


NatureHacker Peanut Butter balls recipe - Reeses like

This is an open source invention for a chocolate covered ball of peanut butter wherein the peanut butter is a mix of powdered sugar, peanut butter, and marshmallow creme.  Anything else can be included but this is the minimum requirement.  Can be organic, all natural, preservative free, fresh ground peanut butter, and/or anything else.  Percentages can be anything but a preferred iteration is below.

Example recipe:

30g fresh ground salted organic peanut butter (Sprouts)
13g marshmallow creme
11g powdered sugar
melted dove or other brand of chocolate

Mix peanut butter, marshmallow creme, and powdered sugar.  Make into 10g balls.  Roll balls in melted chocolate.  Let sit preferably in freezer until hard.

Store in freezer if desired to make sure no preservatives are needed.