You are now entering Y Space

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Y space or yspace or y-space etc.

Install on your computer using admin rights.

Everything done on ram
Login using pseudoname
No need for file Encryption
Vpn tor
Save and install locally to y space ram access only

Each Ylog enters a a new master key that signs for login and changes to ymsg or ynet. Anyone can host yspace by downloading from ypir (peers) then listening to changes from other ypir.  You can only delete what you post with your master key signature and that key is changed every login so you will have to write it down to login with an old key to change what you posted.  If you want to log in with an old key to change something you posted, you will have to use a new key as well.

Upon login: clear mem, shutdown every unnecessary process.  All drive acess is blocked including harddrive and usb ports. Everything now only uses RAM.  Start Tor/VPN.  Ask pseudolocation, pseudoname or stealthmode, ykey from previous session,  post message to wall.  Hold ctrl to login and when you let go of control button you logout.  Stay calm and hold ctrl.

Show acting ykey for user to jot down.

Upon logout: damanswich unpressed, delete all memory 3 pass.

Tor/VPN auto start
Monero Wallet with miner from (Ymyn) home press c
Hold Ctrl for Damanswich activate

Button: Ysee - browser
Button: Ymsg - pm (encrypted) if know pseudoname or chatroom, can upload notes only. No links. Contains user created channels (encrypted if desired). Messages autodeleted after 24 hours from server.
Button: Ynet - wiki.  Can upload only notes, no pictures.
Button: Ypad - makes notes
Button: Ypay - (these keys you can use to encrypt or login) private key transfer service.  <A user can change the key by signing with their old key, say codeword CHANGE KEY then signing with the new key.>  Ypay lets you submit master keys to the app, Ypay changes the old master keys to new master keys, and gives the new master keys to the recipient.  2 instances of ypay work one on each of the giver and recievers machine and must match for the deal to go through.

There are ~10,000 master keys given at the beginning and each can generate 100 new keys per day, which is 365,000,000 keys a year or around 1 billion keys every 3 years   Every login requires a new key.

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