The First Things I Would do as President of the United States

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1.  Disband all government agencies and pass an amendment that prohibits any agencies and unelected people from government duty and makes any government branch or committee to be unable to delegate tasks to any outside organizations.

2.  Disband all police forces and pass an amendment to the constitution that prohibits enforcement of any laws by anyone other than elected Sheriffs and non-government affiliated Citizens.  Only domestic laws can be enforced by these two entities.

3.  Pass an amendment that prohibits any mandatory taxes on the American people.  Funding shall be gained only by voluntary contribution and tarrifs.  The Government shall not create any infrastructure as that is left to the private sector.

3.  Pass an amendment that guarantees the right of any resident of the United States to claim a single 5 acre square or circular parcel of land that cannot be transferred or taxed.  The land must be occupied by the resident 7 months of the year in order for the claim to persist. No land shall ever be purchased or sold, ownership can only be traded 1 for 1.

4.  Abolish all entitlements and pay them back in full immediately by printing greenbacks.

5. Decommission the Federal Reserve and return money creation to the treasury which task cannot be delegated.

6.  Abolish the Military and return the country to entirely Voluntary Citizen Militia based.

7.  Abolish all laws that prevent or curtail or regulate any human, nature, or god created technology in any way.

8.  Abolish the Patent and Trademark System.

9.  Erect a wall along all our borders and allow all individuals free passage through the border (tarrif-free) with 4 foot wide gap in the border every mile.

10.  Pass an amendment that makes it clear that any and all human rights cannot ever be signed away or forfeited.

11.  Pass an amendment that makes corporations illegal.  No organizations are recognized by the government.  Everyone shall work as a sole proprietor or partnership with each citizen maintaining full autonomy.

12.  Expand the 4th amendment to disallow any invasion of privacy for any reason and this right cannot be forfeited.

13.  Pass an amendment that guarantee that everyone is fully free to do anything that doesn't break a law anywhere, even when invited to someone else's property.  There shall be no "house rules" or "Terms of Service" however you do have the right to deny someone entrance to your property or deny service to anyone for any reason.

14.  Decommission Fort Knox, Area 51, and all other secret and non-secret installations of the united states government.

15.  Pass an amendment that makes it impossible for the government or any government affiliated person or organization from owning or storing anything for anyone.

16.  Pass an amendment that disallows any government secrets or classified information.  All currently secret and classified information at all levels shall immediately be declassified and given full access to the american people.

17.  End all US sanctions worldwide and pass a constitutional amendment making sanvtioning countries illegal since it suverts the peoples right to do business with who they please.

18.  Cut all ties with Israel, China, Saudi Arabia and all other countries that enshrine human rights abuses of their citizens and encourage US militias to help opressed peoples worldwide.

19.  Pass an amendment that makes the president and congress and the juducial system unable to command the militias or declare war.  The militias which are run by the people for the people able to do whatever they please to protect the united states.

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