The Ecstasy Bacteria: Bacillis Cerus produces Serotonin in the gut

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All of a sudden I woke up in a panic as I "felt" too much.  As an INTP I don't do too well with having too much feeling.  I had diarrhea and felt a bit better after.  I drank some tribulus terrestris extract mixed with water and over the course of an hour I was getting better.

I believe this enhanced sensation is caused by serotonin since I have noticed this with kanna especially when mixed with dopamine enhancing catuaba.

Also I got anti-cholinergic or acetylcholine like effects too days before and also after the ecstasy feeling experience so I wonder if that is from baccilis cerus as well.  Lucid type dreams where I wanted to wake- up but had trouble waking up and staying awake.  Probably linked to cereulide a toxin that is activated by potassium (I had taken potassium before getting sick so this probably made it worse).  Clostridium botulinum and clostridium perferingens may be anti-cholinergic.

Anyway I think I got bacillis cerus food poisoning from undercooked oatmeal.

Interesting as we have found diphtheria bacteria produces dmt.

My suggestion is magnesium oxide and steroidal saponins to treat bacillis cerus and cereulide poisoning.

Bacillis cerus also can cause "heart attacks" similar to anthrax by causing blood clots.

Similar to anthrax

B. cerus and Staphylococcus aureus caused thrombosis

S. aureus also causes blood clots with coagulase

first night cholinergic/anti-cholinergic cured after I brushed my teeth.  May be c botulinum
bacillis cerus emetic toxin

cerelulide binds serotonin receptors and increases vagus activation
also uses potassium to infect

botulism bacteria produces anticholinergic but usually not hallucinations.

bacillis cerus and other spore forming bacteria stimulate enterochromaffin (ec) cells

ec cells release serotonin which increases acetylcholine
"This results in the release of acetylcholine to initiate secretion
from the gut mucosa via release of chloride ions."

ec cells stimulated by serotonin

Staph also stimulate ec serotonin

acetylcholine degradation enzymes linked to diabetes type 2

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