So you've made Gold...

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(disclaimer, I have not made gold yet so this is assuming the process I have described earlier works, or you found your own way!)

Now what?  Do I sell it?

Not quite adventurer.  Your gold is radioactive.

How long will it be radioactive?

2.5-5 years depending if you want to wait 5 or 10 half lives to be safe.

Is there any way to speed up the process?  What is the shortest time I have to wait?

The absolute minimum time for any reasonable process is 1 month.  Beta decay which we can't speed up much has 5 half lives in 1 month.  This may be even better if you dissolve the gold in aqua regia to remove electrons from the atom to let beta decay happen faster.  The second mode, electron capture, has 5 half lives in 2.5 years but this one is easier to speed up.  Simply hook up a high voltage power supply to the gold so it can capture electrons much more efficiently.  In truth we are not really doing electron capture but muon capture.  Also holding the gold in a plasma tube would be another way to accomplish this.  Those making gold for fort knox didn't know this until around 30 years ago!

Am I the first ever to make gold?  

Not quite adventurer.  People have known how to make gold since Ancient Egypt.  The Jews carried this knowledge from Egypt and the West learned of it from Nicolas Flamel who re-discovered the Philosophers stone.  Newton and the Freemasons knew of it (The "G" in the Freemason Symbol is not for God, it is for Gold).  They started making gold and eventually created their own colony called America.  They made gold in the caves of Kentucky which funded the revolution and the meteoric rise of the USA.  Fort Knox was built nearby to house the radioactive loot.  The Dendera light of egypt wasn't to make light... it was a vacuum tube for the plasma generation of gold https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendera_light

Will this devalue gold if everyone is making it?

Perhaps but the process is work, equipment, time, and safety intensive.  Man made gold (non-radioactive) will probably stabilize at $900 an ounce by my estimates.  Plus with lower prices and increased availability expect new and exciting uses to be discovered for gold and increased ownership, much like how mexican avocados multiplying the market size made people buy more of them and increased their popularity.

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