Secrets FBI and CIA use to surveil, entrap, and assassinate people without cause.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was under FBI surveillance and later assassinated because he posed a "threat to national security".  How is that possible?  What tricks did they use legally to surveil him and assassinate him?

They claimed he was in contact with terrorists.  This is the secret.  The FBI has undercover agents.  If they want to surveil or assassinate someone, all they have to do is send an undercover FBI informant, who can be a terrorist, terrorists work for the CIA and FBI as "sources".  They send this "terrorist" source, who is paid by the FBI, to contact the person of interest.  The person doesn't have to say anything bad or treasonous.  If you simply reply to them or have a conversation with them then you are "in contact with terrorists".  The "terrorist" informant won't tell you anything out of the ordinary.

So lets say you are leaving work or at a church event and someone strikes up a conversation and you give them your phone number or email to contact you.  Boom now the FBI can claim to a FISA court that you are in contact with terrorists.  Or lets say you have a forum or discord.  Lets say one of these informants posts or your forum or discord and you reply to them.  They could ask you what your favorite color is.  They don't have to say anything terrorism related, but just the simple fact that the government considers their own paid informant a "terrorist" you answering their question of what your favorite color is now means you are "in contact with terrorists".  And the FBI will feel they can surveil you and assassinate you if they so choose.

This is the true risk of the Deep State and these Unelected and Unfirable Spooks that are running this country and killing influential people behind the scenes.

The true thing they are afraid of is loosing their power.  And this is what motivates the Deep State to intimidate and kill people that are empowering we the people.

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