MUDPO Fusion: Magnetic Unity Dusty Plasma Oxide Fusion

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So we have been talking a lot lately about making gold.  But I believe it can be even bigger than that.  MOVI fusion Muon Oxygen Vacancy Implosion fusion may actually be used to create power above unity.  You may hear above unity and think its impossible but it happens every day when you burn oil or gasoline.

The real revelation of MUDPO is the dusty plasma.  But not just that, using magnetic unity principles to control the dust and enhance fusion.  A 3.3 Tesla magnet (or more or less) can be used to magnetize the silica (or any other element or molecule or compound) dust or grains (of any size from pico to nano to micro and so on) in the plasma.  Using spiral magnetic fields from Magnetic Unity principles, the dust can spiral in a plasma chamber impacting Oxides including but not limited to hematite.  When these dust particles, highly charged by the plasma, (can be any plasma but preferably Hydrogen Sulfide or Hydrogen Telluride) impact an oxide which preferably but not necessarily has oxygen vacancies in it, muons are created and cause implosion of the structure and heavy (or light) element fusion.

This process can be used for any use including but not limited to power generation, heat generation, neutron generation, muon generation, valuable heavy element generation, etc. And can be on any scale.  Fuel like hematite could be added to the vacuum plasma chamber by any method of any shape or size or the oxide can be part of the chamber or be created during or after the process.

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