Personality Torus: Interaction Chart of Myers–Briggs Jungian Personality Types

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How do the 16 personality types work together to achieve a highly functioning society?  Well I figured that out.  Here is how.

How this works is as follows.  Most groups (and I suggest people work in groups as sole proprietors or partnerships) will want to focus on what type of thing they want to achieve.  Lets call them action groups.  Each Action Group will want to focus on either a moral deliverable (helping someone in need), an intellectual deliverable (like a technology), a physical deliverable (like a table), or an inspirational deliverable (like a monument).

However these action groups can interact and should interact with eachother on a large scale.  For example, groups in the Moral field should take field trips to things made by inspirational groups, or commission projects from the Inspirationals.  Intellectual groups should gain direction on what technologies to develop by watching what the problems that the moral groups are focusing on.  For example the moral groups may pinpoint access to clean water as a problem that they are addressing socially, the intellectuals will want to work on technologies that could help mitigate that problem.  Physical groups should use the technologies from the intellectuals to create physical goods,  Inspirational groups should use physical goods in a transformative way. etc.  Notice that this isn't a linear list, it is a circle with the 4th connected back to the first.  However they don't often feed backward, rather they mostly feed forward from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 1 to 2 to 3 ...

The 4 P's are individual positions within each group.

There are those that create Possibilities.  These are the ones coming up with too many ideas to count.  However these people will come up with the range of things that can or should be done.  Nothing should be done if it isn't in the range of what the Possibilities person indicates.  By letting these people explore new possibilities is how you allow them to develop professionally.  These people heavily rely on the Points people to adapt their thinking about the world.

There are those that create Plans.  These people heavily rely on the ideas generated from the possibilities people.  They use this wealth of ideas to pinpoint which ideas are most applicable to the tasks at hand and create plans based on them.

There are those that create Policies.  These people heavily rely on the Plans people and use these plans to create executable and enforceable policies.

There are those that create Points.  These people heavily rely on the Policies from the policy people and put those policies into action and see how it goes.  They then develop Points based on the Policies and these Points are given to the Possibilities person to see what new possibilities can be explored to address them.

In case you cant see the picture:

Moral field:

Intellectual field:

Physical field:

Inspirational field:

Possibilities People:

Plans People:

Policies People:

Points People:

Find out your personality type to see where you fit on the chart (you may be multiple types)



1.  People should date marry others on the same or similar planes (action groups) as you however they should be 2 positions away from eachother.  So for example INTP and ENTJ are most compatible.  Or an ISTJ and a ESFJ as another example.  If an INTP is dating an INTJ then the INTJ is going to be super happy with the INTP however the INTP will feel like they could be betrayed in a second by the INTJ.  This is because the loop of flow goes forward, not backward and their are 3 steps between the INTJ and the INTP.  However there is only 1 step between the INTP and the INTJ.  This will make the INTJ feel very close to the INTP but the INTP will feel very distant from the INTJ.  The INTP will feel like the INTJ understands them fully but they don't understand the INTJ at all.  If you are 2 steps apart things will feel at balance.  You will both have quirks that eachother don't understand but there will also be lots that you do understand about eachother.

2.  This reiterates #1 a bit but to clarify people tend to "crush on" people one step above them.  So an INTP will usually have a crush on an INTJ.  However this feeling is rarely reciprocated in the same way.  There can be an initial attraction of the INTJ to the INTP, but the INTJ will eventually become bored.  4th feeds back to first so ENTP's will typically have a crush on INTP's.  This can be romantic or also in a friendship way (man crush).  Basically the reason for this is people tend to be attracted to those they can help.  Those one rung below someone feel they can really contribute to that persons life.  The problem is that person they can easily help is 3 steps away from helping them.  So reciprocation is not quite natural.  This is why stable relationships should be two steps apart horizontally.

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