How to Whip Egg Whites in a Blender

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EDIT:  I was able to do this again with no powdered milk.  Just make sure the amount of egg whites is just enough so the blades can hit it and over about 5 mins you will have peaks! (make sure the blender is super clean and no yolk bits get in)

They say it can't be done but I did it.  I got a dense foam and I think if it went longer I could have gotten stiffness but I just wanted a yeast alternative for bread so a foam worked for me.  Make sure the blender is fully dry.  Drop 2 egg whites in the blender.  Less isn't enough and more might not work.  2 works well because it allows for aeration.  Keep blender on the lowest setting the entire time.  Do not elevate the speed as this will break the foam.  Wait 10-20 mins.

Things that help:

A pinch of Salt.  This adds some potential acidity to help the foam form.

Dry milk powder.  This absorbs some moisture and also nullifies any oils that may be present that would otherwise prevent foam formation.  Full disclosure I would able to get a full foam even though I had a bit of yolk present because I added around a tbsp of dry milk powder.

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