How to Evade Unjust Deep State (FBI, CIA) Surveillance of Your Movements

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So you are a normal law abiding citizen who makes controversial posts on the internet.  Think you are safe by the first amendment right?  Wrong.  There are secret courts called FISA courts that issue warrants for Government agencies to spy on you you even if you have done nothing wrong, and you will never be notified of it. Even Trump and friends of Trump were under FISA surveillance before he was elected. I am not sure if you can do a freedom of information act (FOIA) request to see if you are under FISA surveillance.  The FBI considers "conspiracy theorists" as the biggest domestic threat.  If they think you are one then they can get a FISA warrant and spy on you with all of their sophisticated methods, to them you are no different than a criminal or terrorist.

In this article we are just going to talk about how to avoid surveillance of your movements.  Avoiding surveillance of your digital life can be found elsewhere.  I am not advocating breaking any laws.  The Deep State is the one violating your right to privacy for tracking you without any legal due process.  It is your God-Given right to privacy and you have to protect your rights, because if you don't then who will?

1.  Ditch your phone.  Your phone is the #1 way the Deep State tracks you.  Even if you have the internet off and location tracking off, or even in airplane mode, they can get pings from your phone from cell towers and even peoples local wifi.  If you must bring your phone, then wrap it in 3 layers of aluminum foil.

2.  Ditch your car.  Car's are extremely easy for the Deep State to track.  Not only can they easily follow you in their cop cars or undercover cruisers, but many street lights and businesses have licence plate readers that can ping a chip in your licence plate.  Also there are cameras at many street lights which not only read your licence plate in real time but also take pictures of you, perhaps even real time facial recognition.  These cameras don't just turn on when you are speeding or running a red light, they are always on and use infrared lights to illuminate you which is invisible to the naked eye.  Opt for a bike or motorized bike instead.

3.  Get Fast.  A fast bike rider is the hardest thing for the deep state to track.  Also the less time you are traveling the less time they will have to find you.  Travelling by foot is also a good way and the best way to blend in and avoid aerial surveillance (helicopters).

3.  Change up your schedule.  The Deep State likely uses AI to predict your whereabouts and also they will monitor your messages and emails.  If you are leaving the same time everyday and for the same amount of time, they will easily be able to track you.

4.  Take strange routes and traffic is your friend.  If they can't easily follow you because you left your phone at home but they know you are out and about, they will send several cop cars out to find you.  If you switch up your routes all the time they won't know where to look for you.  Also they are much less likely to get themselves stuck in traffic to try to spy on you.

5.  Avoid cameras and hold your head down or cover your face if you do.  Facial recognition is a thing and the Deep State has access to all businesses camera systems.

6.  When you leave your house leave quietly and leave all lights and TV's on.  The Deep State can see your power usage from the utility companies.  If all of a sudden your power usage goes down then they will know that your are leaving your house.

7.  Don't leave WIFI on in your house.  WIFI can actually be used to track human movement even if you don't have a device on you.  I don't think this is commonly used currently but may be more prevalent in the future.

8.  Make sure you have no video/listening devices in your house including echo or google home or xbox with its camera.  Cover any webcam cameras when not in use.  Be quiet when you leave because they may have mounted listening devices drilled inside your walls if you are in an apartment or outside your home.

9. Be on the lookout for cop cars and helicopters.  It seems like cop cars are commonly used by the deep state to monitor local people under FISA surveillance.  The Deep State collaborates with local police and will likely delegate surveillance if they don't believe you are an immediate threat.  If you always are seeing lots of cop cars on your route then you are doing something wrong and they are surveilling you.  If you see a helicopter, wait.  It is very difficult to evade a circling helicopter especially if they have goons on the ground.  Stay under full cover until the threat passes.  If you have a bike, chain it up somewhere, try to change your appearance, and walk and blend in.

10.  Be persistent.  The less threat you seem to pose and the more headache they have trying to track you, the less likely they will try to keep track of your movements.  This battle is winnable, just hang in there and don't give up.

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