How Humans are Bieng Obsoleted - MBTi Cracking

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There are the Hackers and the Crackers.  Hackers find the problems in things and if they are good (white hat) they help provide solutions to the problems.  Crackers on the other hand use tools developed by Hackers to destroy things.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Humanity is under attack by MBTi Crackers.

How is Humanity under attack?  Humanity is under attack by the 1% who are trying to make their organizations run without humans.

Here is how this Cracking process has played out thus far: (at the end I will predict how this all plays out in the end)

1.  First they came for the ENTP's.  ENTP's are salespeople.  They are the boots on the ground pounding pavement and knocking doors types.  These people in their interactions can gather data and testing out the policies from the ENTJ's and seeing what does and doesn't work and provide valuable feedback/points to the INTP's to spark new ideas in the INTP's.  Advertising especially Digital Advertising have made ENTP's unnecessary.  I don't really mean that since ENTP's are way more valuable to an organization than digital advertising however it does provide an alternative to ENTP's.  So by and large ENTP's aren't desired by big corporations.  ENTP's will more and more become unemployed unless they embrace their darkside and become an INTJ which is detrimental to them as they are nasty INTJ's.

2.  Then they came for the INTP's.  INTP's are being socially engineered out of society.  Crippled by a lack of good points coming from the now non-existent ENTP's, INTP's are rendered ineffective.  When INTP's do speak up they are immediately shot down by INTJ's.  INTJ's cant actually win against an INTP with logic however they usually can make a big enough stink to get the INTP to just shut up.  This is two fold, one because the INTP's aren't given good information to work with due to the lack of ENTP's,  and secondly because the INTJ's secretly want to use their own pet project ideas and therefore don't want to listen the the INTP's better ideas.  INTJ's are secretly vulnerable to INTP criticism and they don't want to be vulnerable.  INTP's are also socially engineered from ENTJ's by the ultimatum-guilt method.  If an ENTJ gives an INTP an ultimatum the INTP will become resentful and hate them but will usually do what the ENTJ wants.  But eventually the INTP will become angry enough that they can leave the situation and watch the ENTJ fall down.  Adding guilt softens the ultimatum.  For example there could be a conflict at work between an INTP and an INTJ.  The ENTJ solves the dispute by saying that if you don't apologize to the INTJ that you will be let go in so many words.  They immediately follow that with "you really hurt her feelings by what you did".  This immediately switches your mind as an INTP from resentment for the ultimatum to trying to feel sympathetic for the INTJ.  Therefore your resentment is buried and you are manipulated to do what you didn't feel was right to do.  The INTP wasn't in the wrong.  The INTJ was the one attacking you for no reason.

INTP's are also being forced to adopt their darkside as an ENTJ in order to find work.  This is done by piling work up so high on the INTP that they convert to their darkside an ENTJ (The worker bee) in order to complete all the work.  This is unsustainable and will lead to burnout eventually because unlike a real ENTJ, an INTP cannot effectively create policies that protect themselves from overwork.

3.   Next they will come for the INTJ's.  I don't know how they will do it but I assume they will.  I don't want to think too hard into how they would do this because I don't want to give them any ideas.  Nothing immediately stands out in how this is happening in society today.  INTJ's could become the underclass of humanity if they can't eliminate them entirely.

4.  ENTJ's will be the only humans left in the antichrist system.  They will be the faithful workers.  The funny part is many INTP's will be among the ranks operating in their darkside.  When the system crashes these will revert back to INTP's and will rebuild a better society from scratch in the case that the other possibility I talk about doesn't pan out.  Also if INTJ's aren't eliminated then there will be ENTP's in their ranks operating as their darkside INTJ and will revert back to ENTP's and will support the INTP's in rebuilding a better society.

The best future possibility and the one I actually expect to take place is that there is a breakaway human-centric society.  This society will make their own gold and many of their own things.  They will use the personality torus to each work in thier strengths and value every personality type.  This breakaway society will outlast the antichrist system and will be more effieicnt and more powerful than the AI overlord system and when the AI system collapses a golden age will rise for humanity.  In the case that the breakaway society is squashed, Shadow INTP's acting as ENTJ's in the system (and "possibility-type" people in general) will come out of the closet as INTP's and bring the system down from within then all types will rebuild a better society in the ashes.  The point is no matter how the 1% tries to socially engineer out different personality types, they will fail in the end.

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