How Carmeltazite is made, mineral harder than diamond

TEEF Powder is space age teeth clening and remineralization, its Free!

minerals zircon (ZrSiO4) rutile (TiO2) sapphire (Al2O3)
with covered in quartz so seems silica floats out during melt.

so 1 mole Al2O3
    4 mole TiO2 (is Ti4O8)
    1 mole ZrSiO4


ZrAl2Ti4O11 + SiO2 + O2

Melt with HHO torch.  Cooling rate will determine crystallization.
Even if it breaks apart and pulverizes during cooling, can be used
to coat cutting tools.

Silica should float out during melt and coat the surface. "These corundum minerals are dark
grey to black full with inclusions of mostly titanium, zircon,
aluminum oxides and encrusted by volcanic glass (Griffin et al., 2015)"

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