Early Waking Insomnia Linked To Hemochromatosis Iron Overload By Cox-2

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I don't have too much to say about this at present but this is important information for people with insomnia.  Iron overload causes induction (increased activity) of Cox-2.  This causes increased prostaglandin-h2 and prostacyclin production.  I believe prostaglandin H2 causes insomnia by an inflammation based mechanism, I'm not surr exactly how this prostaglandin induced inflammation causes insomnia perhaps a certain brain region like substantia nigra or something is effected by the inflammation.  Regardless we know this causes insomnia.  However there is an interesting counter to prostaglandin h2 called lipoxin.  Lipoxin sounds bad but it is actually a potent anti-inflammatory that seems to balance prosta h2.  Interestingly the cox-2 inhibitor asprin (or natural counterpart salicin) not only blocks cox-2 prostaglandin h2 production but it also makes the cox-2 enzyme produce entirely lipoxin.  So it seems salicin does 2 jobs, inhibit the insomnia causing prostaglandins but also increase the insomnia reducing lipoxins.

For a long term solution though we need to reduce the cuase of the cox-2 overexpression, and to do that we reduce iron in the body.  IP6 in conjunction with antioxidants from green tea, pomegranate, billberry, etc can help reduce iron in the body naturally over the long term and stop eating iron rich foods like beef.



Cox-2 enzyme and asprin hijacks it to make lipoxin

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