Dragons actually made gold

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Dragons decoded.

Why do dragons breathe fire and are always surrounded with treasure?

I figured that out.  We know that a hydrogen sulfide flame is a plasma and when aimed at silica containing thing like quartz or clay produces a "dusty plasma" that can create muons and thus heavy element nuclear fusion.  This is done by aiming a h2s flame over quartz and at red iron oxide hematite.

So dragons breathed fire when they want to by expelling hydrogen sulfide gas and sparking it in their mouth.  Why would they do this? Because they hibernated and needed to stay warm.  Not only would burning h2s keep them warm in the depths of the earth, but they could also aim their flame at the hematite and clay rich cave walls to produce a coating of gold on the walls of their den.  Why do this? Because gold is the best reflector of infared light (body heat). The gold walls would prevent their body heat from bieng absorbed by the earth and helped keep them warm during prolonged hibernation.

This is why the myth is dragons were surrounded with treasure, because people would hunt out these dragons and kill them to mine the gold walls they made for themselves.

Dusty plasma cold fusion video

Dragons lived in caves with iron (hematite)

Gold best reflector for infared light

Hydrogen sulfide induces hibernation and acts as an energy source when food is low during hibernation

Plateosaurus were likely the dragons

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