DMT trip inducing bacteria Diptheria

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Ever had a Grinch dream?  Where you are whisked away and shown many things and it makes you feel emotional?  Or a dream that makes you feel emotional or mopey or weepy or just sad? Or like what the prophets of the bible were whisked away in the spirit and shown something profound? That is a DMT induced dream.  I'm not saying what was shown was not from god.  DMT is the molecule of the spirit and may be used in projecting our spirit when we die.

The cause of this, if you didn't comsume DMT containing preparation, is the diptheria bacteria.  This bacteria loves to live in the nasal cavity, throat, lymph nodes, salivary glands and ducts, etc.  It is called corynebacterium diptheriae.  For me itninfected my salivary gland duct on the inside of my cheek.  I could have gotten it from undercooked chicken.  This bacteria can also cause dreams of seeing evil or satan.

This bacteria can explain dreams and visions and the prophetic.  Studying DMT may be the ticket for us to learning about all sorts of paranormal phenomenon.  Haemophilis may be responsible for near dreams of seeing through your eyelids and also seeing what is around you in a room when you are nearly dreaming and near death experiences like that.  I think these two bacteria and the molecules they produce can teach us a lot about remote viewing, seeing into other realms, etc.

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