Antioxidants may help Severe Burns

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I got a 2nd degree burn today touching hot cookware taken out of the oven at over 500 degrees.  Immediately I started running cold water over it and even put coconut oil with lavender essential oil and cinnamon essential oil, the lavender to kill clotridium botulinum which causes gas gangrene and the cinnamon which kills anaerobic bacteria.  Both of these essential oils are known to help with burns presumably because of the bacteria they kill.  While I have no doubt this will make my burn heal faster, still the pain was immense and I only found relief with putting ice directly on the burn.  Whenever I removed the ice the pain would flare up unbearably.

Then I drank some antioxidants which are a big part of my harmony product that I am developing.  Here is the recipe:

Harmony 0.2 (Formerly SADC)

45g Agrimony herb powder - For H Pylori
45g  Echinacea root powder - For Haemophilis
45g Ginger root powder - For Campylobacter
30g Nature's Fury (20% tribulus extract, 80% gynostemma extract) - For Gram Positive
30g Cranberry fruit powder - For Proteus
30g Coconut Milk Powder - for improved Absorption
20g Garlic powder - For Mycobacteria
20g Mustard powder - For Pseudomonas
20g Dandelion Powder - For Prions
5g Orange Peel Powder - For klebsellia and Serratia

10g green tea extract (50% polyphenols)
10g IP6
7g Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanins)
7g Pomegranate Extract (40% Ellagic Acid)
5g Bilberry Extract (25% anthocyanins)

This recipe has high levels of synergistic antioxidants.  Almost immediately when I drank 1 tbsp of this mixed in water the pain started subsiding and within about 1/2 hour I could remove the ice without pain.  I believe it was the antioxidants in the mix that immediately started working on the pain.

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