A Practical Method for Gold Production

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*DANGER*  This process is deadly.  Certain precautions need to be made including doing this OUTSIDE away from any humans by hundreds of feet and wearing a hydrogen sulfide respirator.  Nuclear shielding is REQUIRED, the easiest way is to do this in a hole in the ground with you laying in the prone position away from the hole so the ground will absorb most of the nuclear radiation emitted.

So I have made several posts and many youtube videos on how to make gold however I never really developed a practical process.  Well I think I have now arrived at one.

I want to thank the Curse of Oak Island show on netflix for helping me put together the final missing pieces.  In that show one extra piece of info is strange lights above the money pit.  As I have said in my last post, the money pit is an abandoned gold mine.  The lights were from hydrogen sulfide gas plasma.  This charged hydrogen sulfide reacts with DRY hematite iron oxide to form gold.  If the hematite is wet it will form iron sulfide which is fools gold.

So what this means is we do not require quartz crystal on the hematite in order to shield it from becoming iron sulfide.  We simply just need the hematite to be dry.  This would make sense why potentially so much gold is found in the superstition mountains of arizona where the hematite is nearly always dry.  If you want to go prospecting in the superstitions, instead of a metal detector, bring an h2s sniffer.

Here is the process:

1. Obtain dry (oven dried) hematite rock

2.  Obtain iron sulfide and hydrochloric acid and/or magnesium telluride and water or other sulfides or tellurides and either hydrolyse them (heat in water) or disslove in dilute acid.  this will produce hydrogen sulfide and/or hydrogen telluride.  *DANGER DO THIS OUTDOORS WITH A H2S RESPIRATOR* These gases when a plasma (highly charged), pressurized, preferably very cold (become a superconductor) but hot (as in a flame) could also work.

3.  Create a torch that is expelling hydrogen sulfide/telluride.  We want it to be in a plasma or highly charged state.  This is easiest done as a flame.  *DANGER THIS REQUIRES A FLASH BACK ARRESTOR SO YOU DON'T CAUSE AN EXPLOSION!*

4.  Use the torch on the hematite and you should notice it "melt" into gold.

5. Send your sample for testing to be sure you have gold and not just pyrite.  There may be a combination of the two depending on how optimized the process is.

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