A Mild Biological Process for Making Gold

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So here is a bacterial gold production method.  Gold has been found to a high degree in sewage, Japan actually combusts sewage to get the gold out.  We can use this principle to make gold biologically.  First we need Iron III Oxide and hydrogen sulfide gas.  Apparently there are a strain or two of bacteria that do just that, they oxidize iron metal and make hydrogen sulfide gas.  Either it is a single bacteria that does this or a synergy of 2 types of bacteria that work together to accomplish this since the science papers have selected for bacteria that reduce sulfur (so use cysteine) and also use iron metal and no other energy sources that can be oxidized.  You can select for these bacteria yourself using damp rotting type soil and the aforementioned selection pressures.  Here is an example process to make the iron containing media for the bacteria to eat and hopefully produce gold with a good efficiency and be easily recoverable.

Dissolve iron in acidified water.  Soak up this ionic iron into acid washed delignated? wood.  Also soak up silicic acid into the wood. Burn into charcoal with calcium carbonate (to get the silica to crystallize).  this will reduce the iron ions into iron metal and crystallize silica into quartz which will hopefully help reduce FeS produced and increase gold produced. Add vitamins and bacteria.  The charcoal will allow the iron to float or fill the liquid media if held down with a cap (which you should do to reduce oxygen in the system).  After a given time the matter is burned releasing iron sulfide and leaving gold and minerals behind.  Soak in vinegar to dissolve minerals and you should be left with reasonably pure gold.

bacteriaceae with .01% cysteine.

oxidation of iron by sulfate bacteria

geobacter oxidation of acetate and reduction of iron.

We want oxidation of iron and reduction of sulfate.



quartz from alkalized silica at charcoal burning temps

90c acid wash wood after lignin removal?

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