A Practical Method for Gold Production

*DANGER*  This process is deadly.  Certain precautions need to be made including doing this OUTSIDE away from any humans by hundreds of feet and wearing a hydrogen sulfide respirator.  Nuclear shielding is REQUIRED, the easiest way is to do this in a hole in the ground with you laying in the prone position away from the hole so the ground will absorb most of the nuclear radiation emitted.

So I have made several posts and many youtube videos on how to make gold however I never really developed a practical process.  Well I think I have now arrived at one.

I want to thank the Curse of Oak Island show on netflix for helping me put together the final missing pieces.  In that show one extra piece of info is strange lights above the money pit.  As I have said in my last post, the money pit is an abandoned gold mine.  The lights were from hydrogen sulfide gas plasma.  This charged hydrogen sulfide reacts with DRY hematite iron oxide to form gold.  If the hematite is wet it will form iron sulfide which is fools gold.

So what this means is we do not require quartz crystal on the hematite in order to shield it from becoming iron sulfide.  We simply just need the hematite to be dry.  This would make sense why potentially so much gold is found in the superstition mountains of arizona where the hematite is nearly always dry.  If you want to go prospecting in the superstitions, instead of a metal detector, bring an h2s sniffer.

Here is the process:

1. Obtain dry (oven dried) hematite rock

2.  Obtain iron sulfide and hydrochloric acid and/or magnesium telluride and water or other sulfides or tellurides and either hydrolyse them (heat in water) or disslove in dilute acid.  this will produce hydrogen sulfide and/or hydrogen telluride.  *DANGER DO THIS OUTDOORS WITH A H2S RESPIRATOR* These gases when a plasma (highly charged), pressurized, preferably very cold (become a superconductor) but hot (as in a flame) could also work.

3.  Create a torch that is expelling hydrogen sulfide/telluride.  We want it to be in a plasma or highly charged state.  This is easiest done as a flame.  *DANGER THIS REQUIRES A FLASH BACK ARRESTOR SO YOU DON'T CAUSE AN EXPLOSION!*

4.  Use the torch on the hematite and you should notice it "melt" into gold.

5. Send your sample for testing to be sure you have gold and not just pyrite.  There may be a combination of the two depending on how optimized the process is.

The True Secret of Oak Island Solved: It's a Natural Gold Mine

I have been watching "The Curse of Oak Island" on Netflix and it is a great show.  I feel like I am uniquely able to offer an explanation of all the evidence found thus far.

1. The money pit is a abandoned gold mine.

2. 10X is a natural spring.

3.  The alternate money pit is a new gold mine.

Now how do I know it is a gold mine with natural gold deposits?  2 things.  Natural Iron deposits and H2S Gas.  We know that some of the Oak Island treasure hunters actually died from H2S gas exposure.  Here is my post on the ingredients needed to make gold and these are the two main ones https://www.naturehacker.org/2017/04/recipe-to-make-gold.html and https://www.naturehacker.org/2017/04/how-to-make-cold-fusion-theory.html and also I have many youtube videos on it.

The couple gold artifacts found in the money pit I believe were not found there at all but they are what was left of little pieces of gold left behind by the original excavators and fasioned into little objects by the three boys in the shape of ancient artifacts.  What I'm saying is the boys found little flecks of gold as they dug and they melted them into imitation artifacts.  But this is just the tip of the iceburg since they were searching in an already mined shaft so not much gold was left.

As the only public expert on how gold is made naturally in the earth, I can without a doubt give you my suggestion on how to find the gold veins throughout the islands.  Use an H2S sniffer.  Where the H2S is moving through Iron deposits gold veins will form.


How Hong Kong people can subvert or get around the face mask ban

How to subvert the facemask ban for hongkongers: paint your face white with black splotches. This will thwart facial recognition from seeing the lines and contours of your face.  It is a camouflage technique called Dazzle.


Antioxidants may help Severe Burns

I got a 2nd degree burn today touching hot cookware taken out of the oven at over 500 degrees.  Immediately I started running cold water over it and even put coconut oil with lavender essential oil and cinnamon essential oil, the lavender to kill clotridium botulinum which causes gas gangrene and the cinnamon which kills anaerobic bacteria.  Both of these essential oils are known to help with burns presumably because of the bacteria they kill.  While I have no doubt this will make my burn heal faster, still the pain was immense and I only found relief with putting ice directly on the burn.  Whenever I removed the ice the pain would flare up unbearably.

Then I drank some antioxidants which are a big part of my harmony product that I am developing.  Here is the recipe:

Harmony 0.2 (Formerly SADC)

45g Agrimony herb powder - For H Pylori
45g  Echinacea root powder - For Haemophilis
45g Ginger root powder - For Campylobacter
30g Nature's Fury (20% tribulus extract, 80% gynostemma extract) - For Gram Positive
30g Cranberry fruit powder - For Proteus
30g Coconut Milk Powder - for improved Absorption
20g Garlic powder - For Mycobacteria
20g Mustard powder - For Pseudomonas
20g Dandelion Powder - For Prions
5g Orange Peel Powder - For klebsellia and Serratia

10g green tea extract (50% polyphenols)
10g IP6
7g Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthocyanins)
7g Pomegranate Extract (40% Ellagic Acid)
5g Bilberry Extract (25% anthocyanins)

This recipe has high levels of synergistic antioxidants.  Almost immediately when I drank 1 tbsp of this mixed in water the pain started subsiding and within about 1/2 hour I could remove the ice without pain.  I believe it was the antioxidants in the mix that immediately started working on the pain.


Y Space: A breakaway digital space

Privacy is a human right.  Governments and corporate monopolies have fully violated that right.  Y Space is a solution.  It does not exist yet but if you are good at programming you can make it.

Y space is a program for phones, computers, etc.  Mostly would be done with tablets, laptops, and desktops.

This program basically prevents any record of your computer use.  It hides your identity and location with VPN, it hides your activity with Tor encryption, and it hides your local activity with deleting everything.  It even has a dead man switch, if you let go of the ctrl button, the session ends and everything in the computers memory is deleted.  One way it keeps all the info in one spot for easy deleting is y space blocks access to any peripheral including usb ports, hard drives, disk drives, etc.  Everything done in y space is done on the RAM and when you release the dead mans switch the ram is fully wiped by 3 passes and cannot be recovered.  Y space takes your privacy seriously.

Y space is basically a breakaway Operating system and internet, it has a handful of essential apps.  It has a payment system Ypay.  It has a browser Ysee.  It has a messenger/social media Ysay.  It has a wiki Ynet.  It has a notepad Ypad. You must login to enter Y space.  The way you can login in a private and decentralized way is you have to use a code generated by an original Y space member (say 10,000).  These members can generate say 100 consumable codes a day (Ykey's) and can give them out or trade them if they desire.  These codes will allow for encryption of information and also for logins.  Each time you login you would need a new Ykey.  Y space is hosted by numerous people each keeping an up to date record of Y space and hosting the content.  Your Y space program would match you with a random y space host (trustednode).  Or you can rank trustednode hosts or choose the one or ones that you trust.  Or you could connect to an "explorer" layer that itself aggregates the nodes and finds a consensus.  When you want to post something to y space you would sign your request using your Ykey.  Just as long as you signed using a valid Ykey it would be accepted by the network.  To delete is another story.  You would have to sign your request with your current session Ykey as well as the Ykey that you used to write the post that you want to delete.  So all nodes would update when they see things match up.  You do not need a "winner" node that is the only node who has the correct blockchain, every node would simply know if a request is valid or not depending on the signatures given.  There is no chain of custody that has to be followed like cryptocurrency so there is no power hungry blockchain that needs to be validated.

Ypay is how codes are traded.  The original 10,000 members can generate codes and give them by hand to people or send them using Ypay.  What the recievers Ypay does is it takes codes bieng transferred then uses the code to sign a transaction which changes the code into a new code and signs the transaction with the old code and new code.  This transaction which includes the old and the new signature is the proof a new code is generated, so the old code is obsoleted in Ypay network.  So the reciever converted the old code to a new code so the giver cannot double spend.  In that way no chain of custody is required, and therefore no costly blockchain.  The reciever simply needs to wait for their transaction to be accepted by the majority of active members before believing that the sender really gave them the ykeys.

The way Ypay is able to not need a validated chain of custody is that Ykey is not a currency it is a digital collectable.  Also their are trusted nodes, the original members (masterkeys), so a majority vote of the members is the consensus. The special master keys that can generate new Ykeys are themselves digital assets and also can be given/traded.  No currency is needed and therefore no blockchain.

Y do we need Y Space? https://www.activistpost.com/2019/10/chinese-citizens-will-be-required-to-scan-their-faces-to-use-the-internet.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ActivistPost+%28Activist+Post%29

Ypay article on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5190402.msg52665031#msg52665031


You are now entering Y Space

Y space or yspace or y-space etc.

Install on your computer using admin rights.

Everything done on ram
Login using pseudoname
No need for file Encryption
Vpn tor
Save and install locally to y space ram access only

Each Ylog enters a a new master key that signs for login and changes to ymsg or ynet. Anyone can host yspace by downloading from ypir (peers) then listening to changes from other ypir.  You can only delete what you post with your master key signature and that key is changed every login so you will have to write it down to login with an old key to change what you posted.  If you want to log in with an old key to change something you posted, you will have to use a new key as well.

Upon login: clear mem, shutdown every unnecessary process.  All drive acess is blocked including harddrive and usb ports. Everything now only uses RAM.  Start Tor/VPN.  Ask pseudolocation, pseudoname or stealthmode, ykey from previous session,  post message to wall.  Hold ctrl to login and when you let go of control button you logout.  Stay calm and hold ctrl.

Show acting ykey for user to jot down.

Upon logout: damanswich unpressed, delete all memory 3 pass.

Tor/VPN auto start
Monero Wallet with miner from (Ymyn) home press c
Hold Ctrl for Damanswich activate

Button: Ysee - browser
Button: Ymsg - pm (encrypted) if know pseudoname or chatroom, can upload notes only. No links. Contains user created channels (encrypted if desired). Messages autodeleted after 24 hours from server.
Button: Ynet - wiki.  Can upload only notes, no pictures.
Button: Ypad - makes notes
Button: Ypay - (these keys you can use to encrypt or login) private key transfer service.  <A user can change the key by signing with their old key, say codeword CHANGE KEY then signing with the new key.>  Ypay lets you submit master keys to the app, Ypay changes the old master keys to new master keys, and gives the new master keys to the recipient.  2 instances of ypay work one on each of the giver and recievers machine and must match for the deal to go through.

There are ~10,000 master keys given at the beginning and each can generate 100 new keys per day, which is 365,000,000 keys a year or around 1 billion keys every 3 years   Every login requires a new key.