Vacuum Sealing as method for Material creation and/or containment: Cement, Non-Newtonian bulletproof

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I just want to give this idea for making of materials for any use.  The use of vacuum sealing in order to both remove air from a material creation process but also in compression of the material.  This can be used for anything for any use but some examples would be cement.

The less water and air and more compression is given to a cement sample, the stronger and more resilient the final product would be.  Roman concrete was so good because they made it with as little water as possible and compacted it into forms.  Very low water and air concrete could be made by vacuum sealing the mix.

Another use could be using non-newtonian mixtures and vacuum sealing them to provide bulletproof or stab proof pouches.  We know non-newtonian is defined in NatureHacker's 4th and 5th laws and in this case constraint and resistance.  The high internal compression afforded by the vacuum sealing is constraint as per the 4th law and this close molecular interaction provides resistance of particles sliding against each other as per the 5th law.  "non newtonian" matter exhibits high resistance as per the 5th law.  Vacuum sealing will improve this internal resistance and cause even more extreme non-newtonian" behavior.  Vacuum sealing can be used for just the "setting" of the material and then removed, or for the entire lifetime of the material.  According to NatureHacker's theory of Time, Things travelling faster that are not undergoing acceleration experience time slower that relatively stationary objects.  This means that when the bullet breaches the vacuum bag the material will soften very fast See my video on time .  Basically the bullet traveling fast will see things change fast relative to itself.  So as soon as the bag is breached the air will rush in fast and weaken the material very quickly relative to the bullet so the bullet would break it easily.  Things need to be done to prevent air from infiltrating the material when the bag is breached, so some type of adhesive or other things between the grains to prevent the air rushing in when the bag is broken.

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