Partially or fully glycerolyzed oils or fats for use in personal care products.

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This is an open source invention for the use of partially or fully glycerolyzed fats oils or lipids that make up any percentage of the product for any use including but not limited to increased water solubility, emulsification, anti-microbial or neutralization of harmful bacteria or detoxification.

The glycerol and/or lipids can be pure or mixed with other things naturally occuring or not.  The glycerol and fats could be at any concentration but preferably glycerol would be between 10-50%.

The use of such a product could be any personal care product (or any other product including but not limited to drilling fluid, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, car washing liquid etc) including but not limited to eye drops, oral oil pulling, nasal care, toothpaste or any other dentifrice, mouthwash, ear drops, throat care, taken internally, skin care, hair care, scalp care, personal wipes and/or baby wipes, haur care or shampoo or no poo, soaps or cleaners or cleaners, shaving aids, intimate care or use, etc.  This partially or fully glycerolyzed product can be mixed with essential oils or other types of oils or fats or anything else for further antibacterial or detoxification or foaming or any other use.

The product may or may not be emulsified with a water containing substance but preferably not if possible to improve shelf life.

The product may or may not have other emulsifiers or surfactants or saponins also added.

The product may or may not have natural or artificial preservatives or antioxidants or vitamins or minerals or anything else added for any use before, during or after glycerolyzation.

Fats can have catalysts and/or other additives to influence the percentage of triglycerides, diglycerides, monoglycerides, free fatty acids, free glycerine, and/or anything else during or after glycerolyzation.  Water and/or acetic acid and/or MgO and/or CaOH may be good catalysts.  MgO or CaOH may require filtration, so water and/or acetic acid may be ideal because it will be removed during the process.  This process works best with free fatty acids and water with acid or base in a heated oil helps break down the triglycerides into free fatty acids (FFA).  For aqueous/acid catalyst boiling chips may be required and silicon carbide may be ideal for this purpose.  Stirring or agitation seems required to increase contact area between glycerine/aqueous phases and oil phase.

Processes can be done before or after glycerolysis to prepare, influence, isolate, or purify reactants or products at any time.

The fat to be glycerolized can be anything but preferably coconut oil, lauric acid, and/or capric acid since these kill or inhibit or detoxify or neutralize bacteria such as chlamydia and gonnohrea (lauric and capric respectively; both responsible for blindness).  Also h pylori (lauric), campylobacter (capric).  The monoglycerides of these fatty acids are the most effective form and are created from glycerolysis but also products of or containing diglycerides and triglycerized of any concentration is allowable.

An example recipe for glycerolyzed oil for eye drops or as a toothpaste or mouthwash additive is as follows:

60% coconut oil (source of high lauric acid and other triglycerides)
20% caprylic acid (MCT oil source)
20% glycerine (can range from 60% to 100% glycerine with remainder water and/or acetic acid)

Under vacuum or inert atmosphere purging and optionally stirring with solid calcium hydroxide or other catalyst, heat at 350f (177c) oil bath for 0-3 hours (for partially glycerolyzed, preferably 30mins to 1.5 hours) or 3 hours + (for glycerolyzed or  fully glycerolyzed).  These times will change if the with the type of fat(s) and/or if the temperature is changed, the times will decrease for higher temperatures including 460f.

For example eyedrops per oz:

1 drop oregano oil
1 drop cinnamon bark oil
1 drop clove oil


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