Numb skin in an area? Try slapping it.

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I passed out from an accidental THC overdose and my knee must have hit a metal lip and when I came to my knee was quite hurt. Over the next several days my knee area was numb. I gave it a couple weeks and it still didn't improve. I figured I must have broke a nerve in my knee when it must have hit that metal lip. I figured if I slap it over and over it may cause the nerve to be stimulated to regrow. After a slapping session it feels tingly so I felt I was onto something. After doing this several times over several days I notice a significant improvement. Now I can almost feel it properly when I itch there, whereas before it was totally numb. Other things worth trying are also icing, and especially icing on top of a paper towel wet with vinegar while orally taking potassium bicarbonate. The topical vinegar will react with the potassium bicarbonate in the blood to supercharge local cell energy for repair.

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