Is Hemochromatosis caused by Haemophilus Bacteria Infection?

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I think a glycine deficiency is a major factor.

Literally everytime I examine a medical condition I tend to think nah there's no way this is caused by bacteria... but am then later disproved.  Bacteria have been found behind every condition I have solved, from anxiety, to arthritis, to insomnia, to lower back pain, and so on and so on.  Well figuring out that I am high in Iron and likely have hemochromatosis, that is genetic right?  Mabye not.  Hemochromatosis is caused by absorbing too much iron.  Practically speaking, what could cause this?  Forget all the BS they spew about how the medical community thinks it works.  Lets say someone produces excess acid in their stomach.  This would cause enhanced iron absorption.  They have genes that they know are associated with excess iron absorption.  But what if these genes just are adaptations to having high stomach acid?  This is more along the lines of how genetics work.  Also some people with the "hemochromatosis gene" don't actually have high iron.  So the genetics thing shows correlation but not causation.  But I think I have found the true causation.

No one can argue that excess stomach acid would enhance iron absorption, yet how come we have never heard this?  How come we never hear of iron overload caused by excess stomach acid?  We have also heard that acid reflux isn't actually caused by excess stomach acid but rather a dysfunctional LES.  I call bullshit.  First of all there is acid reflux and non-acidic reflux.  The latter is caused by h pylori/  So if acid reflux is caused by a dysfunctional LES then what is non-acidic reflux caused by?  The fact is that acid reflux is actually the combination of non-acidic reflux by h pylori in addition to excess acid.  What causes the excess acid?  Well that is the secret that I will reveal.  Acid is released from parietal cells.  What tells them to secrete acid?  Histamine.  This is why acid blockers actually block the histamine receptors.  But what causes the histamine receptors to be activated?  Excess histamine in the stomach.  What is producing this histamine?  Histamine producing bacteria of course.  The very most common seems to be Haemophilus Influenzae.  So Echinacea root powder kills this bacteria and also magically cures acid reflux.  Call that confirmation of the theory.

So the fact is that excess acid produced in the stomach will beyond a doubt cause enhanced iron absorption.  We also know that in practice every disease is caused by bacteria.  And haemophilus bacteria causes excess acid and killing it reduces stomach acidity.  I think we have a very promising candidate for the true cause of Hemochromatosis.

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