In-Ear Assistant (IEA) open source invention

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The in-ear assistant is a device that will in many cases replace the smartphone as the #1 way people complete tasks in their daily life.  The in-ear assistant (IEA - pronounced aia, aya, or eyia) will have a speaker and microphone or more than one or none of any.  It will listen just like an alexa or a google home and answer your questions, make appointments, provide directions, make calls, play music, write texts, find answers, etc.  Everything that siri or alexa or google home can do and anything else will be done with the in ear assistant.  Want to play music?  Just ask AYA to play a trance playlist.  I believe that amazon/google/apple is already working towards such a device either wittingly or unwittingly here in 2019.

It will either connect with a watch or smartphone for extra streamed processing power and cell connection; or it can have processing power on it's own or a combination.  It may connect to another in ear device by any means including wireless communication via electromagnetic radiation and/or magnetic fields to provide stereo sound or music or to listen with more microphones also.  It may also connect to other peoples IEA's for any reason including proximity chat, sending or relaying messages or payments, etc.  It can obviously connect to the internet either by wireless technology such as 5G or via a wireless or wired connection to another device like a watch or phone device connected to the internet.  It may use magnetic fields to induce different brainwave states such as alpha and beta and gamma waves for any reason including to induce sleep or meditation or concentration.  It may collect biometric as well as biological data including body temperature, heart rate, skin conductivity, voice print, oxygen saturation, and any other measure that can be used for identification and/or health monitoring.

Such an invention will likely be misused by tech giants and governments and unconstitutional government agencies to unlawfully surveil their citizens and predict future actions of the population and lead to orwellian and minority report like detaining of individuals who have committed no crimes because the AI predicts that they will in the future predict crimes.

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