How Humans became like we are, Eating introduces new DNA Pig, Elephant, Dog

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According to my Giver (GVR) Theory of gene adaptation (search site for more posts on this), DNA is recycled throughout the environment, world, and universe.  DNA is quite hardy and it is known to be able to enter the blood stream (along with some RNA) upon eating.  When we eat not only do we provide macro and micro nutrients, but also DNA that our body can use to update our own genetic code.

I had a dream that pigs and elephants are related and that pigs just have shorter snouts.  This notion is supported from accidental pig elephant born hybrids (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3469160/Piglet-born-Cambodia-looks-like-elephant-mutation.html). Also I dreamed that humans in Africa got their darker skin by gene transfer from elephants.  Which to me means that they ate elephants and developed their dark skin that way.  Upon waking this made sense as some of the darkest people (africa and India) both have elephants.  If this theory is correct we should also see ancient evidence of elephants in Australia as the source of the aborigines dark skin.  Or perhaps the very dark boars there are responsible.  European pigs are mostly pink and often bald which may be somewhat responsible for Europeans skin.

Also I believe that Dogs split from wolves from populations that ate humans or human feces.  Part of it was likely colonization of human bacteria as in eating human feces.  This bacteria can also contain human genetics making Dogs smarter than wolves but less strong.

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