First Health Condition Directly linked to Oral Bacteria: Premature Ejaculation

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Typically men suffer with premature ejaculation (PE) and women suffer with delayed ejaculation. I seem to think that both have the same cause ironically, oral h pylori infection. I can only speak for men but I have become less "edgy" in my experiences and able to last longer in bed the same day that I treated my lower front teeth with mastic, myrrh, and carrot essential oils and got rid of the persistant discomfort in those teeth. I have linked that persistant discomfort or even itchyness in my lower front teeth to h pylori, and when I treated them with essential oils known to kill h pylori the discomfort went away. Also immediatly I was able to last longer. In the past I have realized that oral bacteria seed gut bacteria that are linked to diseases. Such as anxiety or brain zaps etc but whenever I killed the actual gut bacteria is when I noticed relief of the symptoms. This is the first time it wasn't the gut bacteria that was the prime cause and oral secondary cause - this was the first time that oral bacteria was the prime cause. Quite interesting, I wonder if the nerve in the lower front teeth also travels to the pleasure centers of the body and over stimulates it? Time to break out greys anatomy book.

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