Audio Based Media: (ABM) Alternative for social media, podcast, search engine

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Beme could be a new media based on audio.  Everything from auditory aspects of video's, podcasts, audiobooks, voice posts from your friends, etc it is all here in Beme App.  Beme uses AI to predict and recommend what you may want to listen to, time listened, regularity of listening to a creator, liking audio's, etc.  Say "next" to go to the next audio content on your feed.  You can also say things like "podcasts" or "audiobooks" or "feed" or "posts" to hear what you want or even search for topics like "9/11 was a false flag".

This is not only an audio based social media, but also have longer form and more professionally produced media like audio books, etc.  It is all in one place with Beme.  You can even send voice messages to friends and share content with them you think they may like.


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