Partially or fully glycerolyzed oils or fats for use in personal care products.

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This is an open source invention for the use of partially or fully glycerolyzed fats oils or lipids that make up any percentage of the product for any use including but not limited to increased water solubility, emulsification, anti-microbial or neutralization of harmful bacteria or detoxification.

The glycerol and/or lipids can be pure or mixed with other things naturally occuring or not.  The glycerol and fats could be at any concentration but preferably glycerol would be between 10-50%.

The use of such a product could be any personal care product (or any other product including but not limited to drilling fluid, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, car washing liquid etc) including but not limited to eye drops, oral oil pulling, nasal care, toothpaste or any other dentifrice, mouthwash, ear drops, throat care, taken internally, skin care, hair care, scalp care, personal wipes and/or baby wipes, haur care or shampoo or no poo, soaps or cleaners or cleaners, shaving aids, intimate care or use, etc.  This partially or fully glycerolyzed product can be mixed with essential oils or other types of oils or fats or anything else for further antibacterial or detoxification or foaming or any other use.

The product may or may not be emulsified with a water containing substance but preferably not if possible to improve shelf life.

The product may or may not have other emulsifiers or surfactants or saponins also added.

The product may or may not have natural or artificial preservatives or antioxidants or vitamins or minerals or anything else added for any use before, during or after glycerolyzation.

Fats can have catalysts and/or other additives to influence the percentage of triglycerides, diglycerides, monoglycerides, free fatty acids, free glycerine, and/or anything else during or after glycerolyzation.  Water and/or acetic acid and/or MgO and/or CaOH may be good catalysts.  MgO or CaOH may require filtration, so water and/or acetic acid may be ideal because it will be removed during the process.  This process works best with free fatty acids and water with acid or base in a heated oil helps break down the triglycerides into free fatty acids (FFA).  For aqueous/acid catalyst boiling chips may be required and silicon carbide may be ideal for this purpose.  Stirring or agitation seems required to increase contact area between glycerine/aqueous phases and oil phase.

Processes can be done before or after glycerolysis to prepare, influence, isolate, or purify reactants or products at any time.

The fat to be glycerolized can be anything but preferably coconut oil, lauric acid, and/or capric acid since these kill or inhibit or detoxify or neutralize bacteria such as chlamydia and gonnohrea (lauric and capric respectively; both responsible for blindness).  Also h pylori (lauric), campylobacter (capric).  The monoglycerides of these fatty acids are the most effective form and are created from glycerolysis but also products of or containing diglycerides and triglycerized of any concentration is allowable.

An example recipe for glycerolyzed oil for eye drops or as a toothpaste or mouthwash additive is as follows:

60% coconut oil (source of high lauric acid and other triglycerides)
20% caprylic acid (MCT oil source)
20% glycerine (can range from 60% to 100% glycerine with remainder water and/or acetic acid)

Under vacuum or inert atmosphere purging and optionally stirring with solid calcium hydroxide or other catalyst, heat at 350f (177c) oil bath for 0-3 hours (for partially glycerolyzed, preferably 30mins to 1.5 hours) or 3 hours + (for glycerolyzed or  fully glycerolyzed).  These times will change if the with the type of fat(s) and/or if the temperature is changed, the times will decrease for higher temperatures including 460f.

For example eyedrops per oz:

1 drop oregano oil
1 drop cinnamon bark oil
1 drop clove oil



TOOF Paste Open Source homemade Toothpaste invention professional recipe

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Important!  If sugar is used in the below recipe it should be primarily Xylitol as maple syrup or other sugars will negate some of the tooth decay benefits of TEEF Powder.

TOOF Paste is a toothpaste made with 3 simple ingredients.  A powder mix like TEEF Powder (or as simple as calcium carbonate) is the first ingredient however the saponins in TEEF will help the fats to combine with the syrup.  The second ingredient is a low water sugar like honey or maple syrup or agave syrup or even simple syrup.  The third ingredient is an oil or fat or fatty acid or wax or combination, such as coconut oil and/or cocoa butter and/or beeswax and/or lauric acid, etc.

For my iteration of TOOF Paste I will use the following basic ingredients:

21g (a 20g pack) of TEEF Powder
2 1/4 tsp of 100% maple syrup (can be low temperature evaporated or traditional boiled) Actually should be primarily xylitol.
1/2 tsp Coconut oil

To make add maple syrup to bowl.  Using a butter knife mix small amounts of powder into the maple syrup until smooth.  Keep adding small amounts of powder and mixing until all is incorporated.  Next add the coconut oil.  The coconut oil gives a better more pasty consistency instead of just a sticky consistency.

Place into a piping bag that you either made or bought using parchment paper or wax paper or whatever (can even just use a ziploc!).  Cut the tip off and squeeze onto a barely moist toothbrush (make sure to wet toothbrush but knock all water off before applying paste).  And brush!

Any more ingredients can be added as desired but the basic open source invention is for these 3 basic ingredients.


Flux Capacitor 2: What is known

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So I tried the basic design of my last flux capacitor post and it didn't really work.  I did one relatively positive electrode and one relatively negative electrode and put a capacitor between them.  Turns out mabye they weren't all that dissimilar as some triboelectric series show polyurethane and plastic wrap right next to eachother but other series show them at opposite ends of the spectrum (polyurethane and LDPE).  Anyway I tried with polyurethane and aluminum as well and those also didn't really work.  Sometimes they would gain charge up to mabye 50mv but then discharge themselves.  I sort of noticed this as well with my ungrounded tribogon trials as well so no real progress from that.  However with my dad I found out that having one electrode connected to a capacitor and the other end of the capacitor attached to ground it works consistently (the diagram with a star shown below).  That starred diagram is the only one I know for sure works.  So with that knowlege I sketched up more likely workable multielectrode flux capacitors.  Well it is pretty darn hard to get any + materials to stick to a current collector like aluminum foil so perhaps a series of negative only electrodes would be something, see last pic.  Anyway here are some plausible diagrams for possible flux capacitor designs.

Grounded triboelectric nanogenerator this design was inspired by http://www.nanoscience.gatech.edu/paper/2014/14_AFM_06.pdf

I'm trying to think how to ground something without it being attached to ground and the perspiration effect may work but perhaps it only works if the electrodes are positive as the broken hydrogen bonds will release negative charges.

Negative options are PFA and FEP and Teflon and Positive options are Polyimide film (actually polyimide appears negative too)


Borderlands 3 is looking like the next Anthem, Crash and Burn

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I predict that Borderlands 3 (BL3) will be the next Anthem.  What does it mean to be the next anthem?  It means it releases in an unplayable state.  Already with the early reviewers we have seen a high percentage (about 20%) notice game breaking bugs such as glitches that cause the game to crash regularly to even loosing over a half dozen hours of progression and having to start from scratch!  This was even as reviewers were given special debug versions of the game.  We know that Master Bullshitter (can't even call him a Master Debater, but the combo-word he definitely is) Himself; Randy Pitchford didn't intentionally sabotage certain reviewer builds because he denied to give review copies to critical people like Kotaku (which I think foreshadows the Anthem like fallout (unintentional pun) that BL3 is destined to face).  So we can be sure that what the reviewers got was the absolute best custom curated build they could give the reviewers.  And the fact that 20% noticed game breaking bugs is probably on par with what Anthem players experienced at launch.  Perhaps the reason only around 5 or so reviewers were given copies is because Pitchford knew precisely that chances are that only 1 would experience issues and therefore diehard fans would dismiss the complaints.  But when the game is in millions of hands in a couple days (supposedly preloaded tonight!) having hundreds of thousands with game breaking issues; then you are at Anthem level of early release, Beta type launch.

Also what doesn't look good is Gearbox preemptively telling reviewers that they were given "incomplete builds" of the game.  This means they knew there were big issues with the game.  And as we know from Fallout 76 and Anthem, these bugs are not easy nor quick to fix.

And they are Exclusive to the Epic game store (EGS).  This launcher is completely noob, it uses technology from the early 2000s.  Just a few weeks ago Tim Sweeney apologized that preloading BL3 (a feature from 2004) was too much for the EGS to handle.  Well magically Randy Pitchford apparently pulled another rabbit out of his hat and got it to work.  Well it looks like his team just didn't want to face the game bugs glaring them in the face and would rather work on the EGS instead.  IMO; there will probably be big issues with preloading and other issues and bugs related to the EGS.

In conclusion it makes sense that Randy Pitchford and Tim Sweeney are best buds.  They both are not above launching sub-par products way before they are ready for launch.  Grab the popcorn because I forsee a very rocky launch for BL3.  Because who cares about the players 'cause the fans are all dicks and they will buy it anyway -  ammi right Randy?


Audio Based Media: (ABM) Alternative for social media, podcast, search engine

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Beme could be a new media based on audio.  Everything from auditory aspects of video's, podcasts, audiobooks, voice posts from your friends, etc it is all here in Beme App.  Beme uses AI to predict and recommend what you may want to listen to, time listened, regularity of listening to a creator, liking audio's, etc.  Say "next" to go to the next audio content on your feed.  You can also say things like "podcasts" or "audiobooks" or "feed" or "posts" to hear what you want or even search for topics like "9/11 was a false flag".

This is not only an audio based social media, but also have longer form and more professionally produced media like audio books, etc.  It is all in one place with Beme.  You can even send voice messages to friends and share content with them you think they may like.

In-Ear Assistant (IEA) open source invention

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The in-ear assistant is a device that will in many cases replace the smartphone as the #1 way people complete tasks in their daily life.  The in-ear assistant (IEA - pronounced aia, aya, or eyia) will have a speaker and microphone or more than one or none of any.  It will listen just like an alexa or a google home and answer your questions, make appointments, provide directions, make calls, play music, write texts, find answers, etc.  Everything that siri or alexa or google home can do and anything else will be done with the in ear assistant.  Want to play music?  Just ask AYA to play a trance playlist.  I believe that amazon/google/apple is already working towards such a device either wittingly or unwittingly here in 2019.

It will either connect with a watch or smartphone for extra streamed processing power and cell connection; or it can have processing power on it's own or a combination.  It may connect to another in ear device by any means including wireless communication via electromagnetic radiation and/or magnetic fields to provide stereo sound or music or to listen with more microphones also.  It may also connect to other peoples IEA's for any reason including proximity chat, sending or relaying messages or payments, etc.  It can obviously connect to the internet either by wireless technology such as 5G or via a wireless or wired connection to another device like a watch or phone device connected to the internet.  It may use magnetic fields to induce different brainwave states such as alpha and beta and gamma waves for any reason including to induce sleep or meditation or concentration.  It may collect biometric as well as biological data including body temperature, heart rate, skin conductivity, voice print, oxygen saturation, and any other measure that can be used for identification and/or health monitoring.

Such an invention will likely be misused by tech giants and governments and unconstitutional government agencies to unlawfully surveil their citizens and predict future actions of the population and lead to orwellian and minority report like detaining of individuals who have committed no crimes because the AI predicts that they will in the future predict crimes.


Vacuum Sealing as method for Material creation and/or containment: Cement, Non-Newtonian bulletproof

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I just want to give this idea for making of materials for any use.  The use of vacuum sealing in order to both remove air from a material creation process but also in compression of the material.  This can be used for anything for any use but some examples would be cement.

The less water and air and more compression is given to a cement sample, the stronger and more resilient the final product would be.  Roman concrete was so good because they made it with as little water as possible and compacted it into forms.  Very low water and air concrete could be made by vacuum sealing the mix.

Another use could be using non-newtonian mixtures and vacuum sealing them to provide bulletproof or stab proof pouches.  We know non-newtonian is defined in NatureHacker's 4th and 5th laws and in this case constraint and resistance.  The high internal compression afforded by the vacuum sealing is constraint as per the 4th law and this close molecular interaction provides resistance of particles sliding against each other as per the 5th law.  "non newtonian" matter exhibits high resistance as per the 5th law.  Vacuum sealing will improve this internal resistance and cause even more extreme non-newtonian" behavior.  Vacuum sealing can be used for just the "setting" of the material and then removed, or for the entire lifetime of the material.  According to NatureHacker's theory of Time, Things travelling faster that are not undergoing acceleration experience time slower that relatively stationary objects.  This means that when the bullet breaches the vacuum bag the material will soften very fast See my video on time .  Basically the bullet traveling fast will see things change fast relative to itself.  So as soon as the bag is breached the air will rush in fast and weaken the material very quickly relative to the bullet so the bullet would break it easily.  Things need to be done to prevent air from infiltrating the material when the bag is breached, so some type of adhesive or other things between the grains to prevent the air rushing in when the bag is broken.

How Humans became like we are, Eating introduces new DNA Pig, Elephant, Dog

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According to my Giver (GVR) Theory of gene adaptation (search site for more posts on this), DNA is recycled throughout the environment, world, and universe.  DNA is quite hardy and it is known to be able to enter the blood stream (along with some RNA) upon eating.  When we eat not only do we provide macro and micro nutrients, but also DNA that our body can use to update our own genetic code.

I had a dream that pigs and elephants are related and that pigs just have shorter snouts.  This notion is supported from accidental pig elephant born hybrids (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3469160/Piglet-born-Cambodia-looks-like-elephant-mutation.html). Also I dreamed that humans in Africa got their darker skin by gene transfer from elephants.  Which to me means that they ate elephants and developed their dark skin that way.  Upon waking this made sense as some of the darkest people (africa and India) both have elephants.  If this theory is correct we should also see ancient evidence of elephants in Australia as the source of the aborigines dark skin.  Or perhaps the very dark boars there are responsible.  European pigs are mostly pink and often bald which may be somewhat responsible for Europeans skin.

Also I believe that Dogs split from wolves from populations that ate humans or human feces.  Part of it was likely colonization of human bacteria as in eating human feces.  This bacteria can also contain human genetics making Dogs smarter than wolves but less strong.


Numb skin in an area? Try slapping it.

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I passed out from an accidental THC overdose and my knee must have hit a metal lip and when I came to my knee was quite hurt. Over the next several days my knee area was numb. I gave it a couple weeks and it still didn't improve. I figured I must have broke a nerve in my knee when it must have hit that metal lip. I figured if I slap it over and over it may cause the nerve to be stimulated to regrow. After a slapping session it feels tingly so I felt I was onto something. After doing this several times over several days I notice a significant improvement. Now I can almost feel it properly when I itch there, whereas before it was totally numb. Other things worth trying are also icing, and especially icing on top of a paper towel wet with vinegar while orally taking potassium bicarbonate. The topical vinegar will react with the potassium bicarbonate in the blood to supercharge local cell energy for repair.

First Health Condition Directly linked to Oral Bacteria: Premature Ejaculation

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Typically men suffer with premature ejaculation (PE) and women suffer with delayed ejaculation. I seem to think that both have the same cause ironically, oral h pylori infection. I can only speak for men but I have become less "edgy" in my experiences and able to last longer in bed the same day that I treated my lower front teeth with mastic, myrrh, and carrot essential oils and got rid of the persistant discomfort in those teeth. I have linked that persistant discomfort or even itchyness in my lower front teeth to h pylori, and when I treated them with essential oils known to kill h pylori the discomfort went away. Also immediatly I was able to last longer. In the past I have realized that oral bacteria seed gut bacteria that are linked to diseases. Such as anxiety or brain zaps etc but whenever I killed the actual gut bacteria is when I noticed relief of the symptoms. This is the first time it wasn't the gut bacteria that was the prime cause and oral secondary cause - this was the first time that oral bacteria was the prime cause. Quite interesting, I wonder if the nerve in the lower front teeth also travels to the pleasure centers of the body and over stimulates it? Time to break out greys anatomy book.


True Cause of and How to Cure Trigeminal Neuralgia: its Aspergillus fungus infection of the nerve aspergillosis

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First I want to thank everyone in the past few days who have bought products from my Health Remedies link above, it really makes my work possible. Please also feel free to request a topic that I can address here on my blog.  I am working on several new products and your purchasing my products allows me to buy the required ingredients.

Trigeminal Neuralgia...what causes it?  Is it simply from nerve damage and if so why doesn't it just heal on its own?  The fact is the real reason it is often caused by trauma to the nerve or system wide stress is because it is actually an infection.

Wouldn't that be awesome if it really was just an infection that you could take antibiotics to treat?  Well it is.  And better than that, you can take all natural herbal remedies instead that usually are much safer and more effective than their carcinogenic fungal mycotoxin (normal antibiotics) counterparts.  Plus when it comes to fungus - anti-fungals are very dangerous and can't be taken for the long term that is required to successfully treat and heal trigeminal neuralgia nerve pain.

So I am going to lay out a scientific trail that I followed to reach my conclusion that Trigeminal neuralgia is really just an aspergillus infection of the trigeminal nerve.

trigeminal neuralgia



perilla lemongrass

lemongrass cinnamon clove

folk herbs are the same

So basically the #1 infection linked to trigeminal neuralgia is aspergillosis.  It is linked many many times.  Now, what I did was say ok, what herbs treat aspergillus?  The answer is the best herb is lemongrass essential oil followed by clove essential oil and cinnamon essential oil and others seen in the above links.

Then, as is my protocol, I confirmed my line of reasoning by asking "what herbs treat or help trigeminal neuralgia?"  Bingo Bango, the same herbs (cinnamon, clove, etc) are known to help improve trigeminal neuralgia!  This verifies that my original line of thought is overwhelmingly likely correct.  There may be other causes of TN (read: other types of microbes involved) but I believe the overwhelming majority is from aspergillus fungus or a closely related fungus that is treated in the same way.

Most essential oils will say "for external use only" because they want to protect against liability but small amounts can be used internally and need to be used internally to treat this fungus.  As long as you are taking under 20 drops of essential oil a day you should be totally safe and will really improve your condition.  Personally what I would do is buy lemongrass essential oil and put 10 drops in a glass of water and drink it down and do that 2x a day.

So relief is very possible.  There is no reason for this to be called the "suicide disease" simply if doctors weren't concerned with bending over to the pharmaceutical companies this serious disorder could have been killed dead for good.

Please support my further research by buying products from my health remedies tab above!  Thank you.

Is Hemochromatosis caused by Haemophilus Bacteria Infection?

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I think a glycine deficiency is a major factor.

Literally everytime I examine a medical condition I tend to think nah there's no way this is caused by bacteria... but am then later disproved.  Bacteria have been found behind every condition I have solved, from anxiety, to arthritis, to insomnia, to lower back pain, and so on and so on.  Well figuring out that I am high in Iron and likely have hemochromatosis, that is genetic right?  Mabye not.  Hemochromatosis is caused by absorbing too much iron.  Practically speaking, what could cause this?  Forget all the BS they spew about how the medical community thinks it works.  Lets say someone produces excess acid in their stomach.  This would cause enhanced iron absorption.  They have genes that they know are associated with excess iron absorption.  But what if these genes just are adaptations to having high stomach acid?  This is more along the lines of how genetics work.  Also some people with the "hemochromatosis gene" don't actually have high iron.  So the genetics thing shows correlation but not causation.  But I think I have found the true causation.

No one can argue that excess stomach acid would enhance iron absorption, yet how come we have never heard this?  How come we never hear of iron overload caused by excess stomach acid?  We have also heard that acid reflux isn't actually caused by excess stomach acid but rather a dysfunctional LES.  I call bullshit.  First of all there is acid reflux and non-acidic reflux.  The latter is caused by h pylori/  So if acid reflux is caused by a dysfunctional LES then what is non-acidic reflux caused by?  The fact is that acid reflux is actually the combination of non-acidic reflux by h pylori in addition to excess acid.  What causes the excess acid?  Well that is the secret that I will reveal.  Acid is released from parietal cells.  What tells them to secrete acid?  Histamine.  This is why acid blockers actually block the histamine receptors.  But what causes the histamine receptors to be activated?  Excess histamine in the stomach.  What is producing this histamine?  Histamine producing bacteria of course.  The very most common seems to be Haemophilus Influenzae.  So Echinacea root powder kills this bacteria and also magically cures acid reflux.  Call that confirmation of the theory.

So the fact is that excess acid produced in the stomach will beyond a doubt cause enhanced iron absorption.  We also know that in practice every disease is caused by bacteria.  And haemophilus bacteria causes excess acid and killing it reduces stomach acidity.  I think we have a very promising candidate for the true cause of Hemochromatosis.