True Cause of Canker Sores and Ulcers

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Ever wonder what causes canker sores but didn't buy the official "herpes" narrative?  Well you would be right.  The actual cause is a combination of two bacteria, h pylori and clostridium perferingins.  The way it works is the h pylori burrows into the oral mucosa and then the clostridium invades and produces gas which causes a bubble in the wound.  When this bubble pops the canker is born.  This same thing happens in the gut and is what causes ulcers however there is one more bacteria present in most all ulcer cases: haemophilus.  Haemophilus creates histamine which activates the proton pumps in the stomach which causes acid over production.

Make sense now why they treat ulcers with "Triple Therapy"?  Its because there are three bacteria responsible.  The all-natural triple therapy is Agrimony herb powder for h pylori, gynostemma extract powder for clostridium, and echinacea root powder for haemophilis.

The therapy for canker sores is lavender essential oil for the clostridium and carrot seed essential oil for h pylori.


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