How to Make a Warp Drive that Creates Matter

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So I still haven't figured out how to make a aether flux capacitor.  But here is something else.  This drive is something that will actually work in space unlike rocket engines.-

Here is how it works.  Use my last post about how to make aether.  So you have a beam of light and you condense it into aether.  Actually during that condensation perhaps you can use a flux capacitor or part of the flux capacitor (the side that charges negative I suppose, perhaps a clear film) to help condense the light into aether.  But an aether flux capacitor would then use the aether to generate electricity which I'm not sure how to do yet if it is at all possible while in that state.
***EDIT 9/10/2020: In this post I say you create aether in order to power your ship with light.  This would work however the light itself could be used to power the ship without converting to aether first.  However it would probably be possible to generate more thrust from converting the light to aether first then following the design of this post.  HOWEVER another option is to just do what the sun does and convert the aether that is already present in the universe into atoms (plasma) and achieve thrust.  This way we can use the aether that exists in the background of space just as a medium just like cars use the ground and boats use the water.  We can use Magnetic unity principles (spiral magnetic fields) to "grip" the aether present in the universe and gain traction on it and ultimately our exhaust would be plasma.***

Anyway, you condense the light into aether some way then you hit the aether with spiral magnetic field.  And that's it.  The spiral magnetic field should help contain the aether so it doesn't float away (of course we need to be in a vacuum state to create plasma in the next step) but also transform it into actual matter.  Dark photons (aether) just requires spin to turn into electrons, and electrons require spin to turn into Hydrogen atoms, see my unified theory of everything.  I believe the spiral magnetic field needs to be made in a certain way to go from aether through electrons and into Hydrogen atoms.  Basically a flipping orbiting magnetic field.  So think of a little body orbiting in a circle.  Now spin that circle so it flips over itself.  That is the type of magnetic field I think is needed to create matter from aether since that is what I think is inside the sun.  You can copy the ratio of orbits to flips of the suns magnetic field and copy that but perhaps speed it up.

So anyway you have a magnetic field like that (mimic the sun) and you should be able to turn the aether you created into a hydrogen plasma.  So basically this process converts light into matter.  So what this means is that the sun is creating matter in the form of hydrogen constantly.  Now for the chicken and the egg... this hydrogen plasma interacts with the oxygen the trees give off to produce water.  So how did the first trees (or plants) exist without first water?  Some primitive plant must have been able to live without water or there was enough seed water that came with the solar system to get life started here.  Anyway when this plasma interacts with oxygen it produces water.

Now in the warp drive this plasma entrains the spiral magnetic field around it and the magnetic field is ejected with the plasma.  This magnetic field keeps the plasma from undergoing joule free expansion so it will propel the craft forwards.  Maybe it is more efficient to carry fuel onboard and just shoot the plasma through a spiral magnetic field and be done with it.  Also the spiral magnetic field will rarefy space allowing you to travel faster than the speed of light .

Suns design article 

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