How to Condense Light into Aether

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Let me just say that I don't really care to make an aether flux capacitor but apparently some force seems to have me on the path to develop it.  Free energy, unlimited power?  Maybe.  I have no clue how to make an aether flux capacitor.  I don't think it would be better than a gaseous one or a liquid one.  But I am just being led along this path and I don't really have a say in it.  Maybe it will be the most monumental discovery in the history of mankind.

Anyway like I said I have no clue how to make an aether flux capacitor.  But I'm assuming that the first step would be to create aether?  Originally I thought that an aether flux capacitor would run on ambient aether, that thing that fills the universe.  In the past I have said that light is a gas here here and here.  And I have also said that Aether is condensed light here and here.  So the aether that is through and around us is just 'dead light', photons that have slowed down enough to be stationary and condense into what scientists call 'molecular light'.

But I never really considered making aether as a material to use.  Until today.  I have been thinking alot about how light acts like a gas that is adsorbed onto practically every surface.  Just even a pinhole in my aluminum foil covered bedroom windows allows light to fill the entire room just like a gas.  However this gas gets stuck to everything and the gas dissipates quickly.  Light is absorbed very easily, much easier than any gas that we know of.

What if we didn't let the light be absorbed?  Make a virtually perfect mirror container where the light could bounce around virtually forever without sticking to anything.  Light would definitely act like a gas then.  Then that made me think of lasers.  Lasers bounce light around a lot in order to condense it and form very powerful beams, much like you can compress air in a tank and shoot out a high pressure stream of air.  So lasers already operate on the premise that light is a gas, they just don't realize it yet.  Having the understanding that light is a gas will really help people develop even better lasers.  But I'm not a laser guy.

Anyway well gasses can condense into liquids or solids right?  Why not light?  By the way scientists know light can condense, they call it 'molecular light'.  The way they do it is have a super cooled gas of rubidium atoms.  I think this does two things.  First it saps energy from the photons.  Secondly I think the positive charge of the rubidium atoms also help take away some 'negativity' of the photons so they don't repel eachother as much and stick together easier, thus condensing into a sort of liquid light, aka aether.

So to make large amounts of aether you could have a light source shooting light into a perfectly mirrored container that is submerged in liquid nitrogen or liquid helium.  This will help the photons to condense.  Maybe have some caesium or rubidium (or any alkali or alkaline earth metals) either in the chamber in one way or another, from a gas to a coating on the mirrors, to films inside or whatever.

The problem is at this point the mirrored container can no longer contain the molecular light.  As far as I know this form of light can only be contained by orbiting magnetic fields (magnetic unity). Anyway I'm not enough of an expert yet on magnetic unity principles to design a device that can fully contain and 'pump' aether around so as to charge an aether flux capacitor.  And even if I could, I would have no idea what the electrodes should be in such a device!  But anyway I thought creating aether from light was a crazy enough thing to post about.  We shall see what the future holds.

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