Idea for a True Decentralized Video Platform: Blockchain Torrent Hybrid

We have seen examples in the space such as PeerTube and Dtube which use Torrent and Blockchain respectively to host video in a decentralized way.  However there are aspects of centralization in both but both can be used as a template for future development.  PeerTube is open source and downloadable software to host your own platform.  Dtube has an open source equivalent ScotTube that users can use to create their own platform.

Here is an alternative idea that combines the good from torrent and blockchain.  In this idea there are creators, hosters, and viewers.  The creators have a channel and upload videos.  Hosters sponsor a channel by hosting all the channels videos and share this list of videos with other would-be hosts so they can download from the other hosts.  Now when a viewer watches a video (1 view per IP/hardware), two coins are created.  One coin is given to the creator of the video.  Another coin is given to the hoster of the video.  Now in the interest of decentralization we want many hosters of the channel.  So if one is forced to take down videos or channels, there are still others hosting the content so it stays up.  In this case that there are multiple hosts of a certain channel, when a viewer clicks a video link there is a random "roll" to determine which host gets to host the video for the viewer and get paid in digital currency.  Only the host that provides the video to the viewer will get paid (can also be a group effort to host the video between all the hosts as well, in that case the roll determines who gets paid).  So if there is only one host for a channel, then the host and the creator both make the same amount of coins per viewer.  But if there are multiple hosts then the creator will get paid more than any one single host.

So the roll is random for which host gets to host (or hosts, or just the roll for who gets paid but all the hosts work together) a particular view, however this roll is weighted towards the best host.  What this means is that the channel itself will ping the servers every few seconds or any regular or random time interval, with a particular software that will measure the integrity of the host.  This software can check latency, delivery rate, etc. Then the creator software assigns a ranking to each host which ranking weights the random roll to what host gets to deliver the video on a particular click of the video link.  So a high quality host may be given a 25% chance to host (or just chance to get paid) instead of say 10% chance for a lower quality host.

What this achieves is three fold.  Firstly, the better hosts get to provide more views and therefore earn more currency.  This is to incentivize better viewer experience and not just having a person have multiple hosting instances to have a higher RNG (random) chance to host.  Secondly, there are multiple hosts so if any one gets taken down or censored there are more hosts to continue to deliver the content.  Thirdly, there is no way for anyone to know who will deliver the content to the viewer.  This randomness will help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and also centralized censorship attempts or ddos attacks.  If one host gets ddosed then that hosts chance to host decreases and other hosts have a better chance.

Also each channel runs the software to test the hosts and distribute viewers to the hosts so they have ultimate control over their own contents' hosting.  Since this is distributed amongst each creator, there is no central distributor of all clicks that can be taken down.  Each channel distributes clicks for their own channel to the hosts.  So there is no central distributor to distribute all clicks of all channels.  Also the creators software is not dependent on a website or anything, as long as they can connect to the internet and run the program, they can keep their channel up, they are self hosting the distribution software and do not actually host any of their own videos.  Since they are not hosting their own videos they cannot be charged for their own content, much like how pirate bay doesn't actually host anything so they can't be held liable.  The hosts would be the only ones liable and there will be many of them so there is no single target which would make enforcement very difficult.

Finally there would be  one more layer, a website or application.  This site would simply bring all the channels/videos onto a central site and act as a search/recommendation engine.  Any clicks would be directed to the channel creator themselves and then distributed to the hosts from there.  The cool thing about this is there could be unlimited number of websites or applications that link to the video network.  If any one of these sites get taken down another one could pop up and link to the video network, just like a torrent search engine.

In conclusion we have a 3 layer decentralized video sharing network.  First is the channel creator who hosts a pinging and distribution software on their machine.  Secondly there are hosts that all have copies of the channels videos and host them either separately or as a team effort.  Thirdly there is a UI layer in the form of websites or applications which act as a search engine and aggregator/ranker that delivers links and/or previews to the end user and directs the traffic back to the creator and then hosts.

PS: the digital currency used would most likely just be etherium or steem or another mined cryptocurrency.  Since we currently don't want to worry about mining and distribution/verification of the coins we would rather use another premade crypto.  The channel creator could put a sum of crypto in escrow or on a smart contract that pays the hosts per view according to the roll.  In this case creators would have to pay for their hosting.  In another case sponsors could offer up the sum that pays creators and hosts or even the viewers could pay for this sum.  It is possible for this idea to have it's own crypto (proof of view) that mints new coins with each view as well but that would add a whole other layer of complexity.


Fed Using Counter-Currents To Cause Capital Flight From USA into China

The Fed's monthly meetings are like Ouija Boards where somehow they get manipulated by the people in charge to act against the best interest of the people and for the interest of the Global Central Banking Elite (which is to enrich China).

Counter-currents in this context means that the Fed adopted two opposing tools, lowering interest rates (first video below) and buying bonds (second video below), in order to squeeze money out of the US economy.  It also obfuscates the effect either one of the policies have alone.

How is this accomplished?  By lowering interest rates you are decreasing investment in US companies.  With a low interest rate investors no longer find it lucrative to invest.  So they would take money out of risky investments like stocks and instead buy bonds right?  Well now that the Fed is buying bonds (aka"conclude runoff of our securities portfolio", see second video) it lowers the interest rates on bonds too which also causes higher inversion of the yield curve.  So what this does, is cause pressure for money to leave the US for other markets.  Currently China's interest rate is over 4.5% so this will cause money to move to China.

Fed Lowers the Interest Rate to 2%

Fed now is Buying Bonds

So this dual move is to cause investment in the US to decrease and eventually crash the economy while enriching China with more investment.  This is to thwart Trump's negotiations with China and to crash American Stocks.  Why would they do this?  Because they are shorting American stocks and betting on China.


Duetsche Bank Financial Contaigen is Set to Blow

Treasury Yields in the US are at horrific lows right now as the Fed lowers interest rates:

However German yields are negative

It is well understood that negative interest rates crush the banks

The Fed lowering rates in the US has lowered German interest rates even lower.  When Deutsche Bank fails the entire EU will become insolvent and I believe this will cause the Mark of the Beast system to metastasize from China and spread to the EU.  The EU will become insolvent and Austerity measures will be put in place such as controls that have only ever been seen in China.  The Global Private Central Bankers (GPCB) love the China model and intend to spread it worldwide.  When a country becomes insolvent they are at the mercy of the GPCB and the austerity they impose.  From there after 2024 when the democrates likely Martin O'Malley take office they will then bring that system to the US and the Evil System will be worldwide.

The end of cash is inevitable if the GPCB intends to lower interest rates below zero.  Cash has to be outlawed first and that will coincide with the Mark of the Beast.


Why the Big Tech bubble will burst in 2020

It should be painfully (or happily if you listened to my advice) obvious that the fed interest rate cut has thrown us into the next recession. When Duetsche bank goes under later this year the recession will find it's clip. So what makes me think Big Tech will be hit the hardest of all sectors?

Big Tech doesn't produce anything. All they produce is a platform for real companies to advertise on. Companies tend to slash their marketing budgets in a recession because that is a big source of spending. So if companies are preferentially cutting their ad budgets, then advertising based buisnesses like Facebook and Google will get crushed.
Amazon also makes a lot of money from advertisers but they actually do prpduce something, they fulfill orders and make their own products and sell private label products. So Amazon will be hit less hard than the other Tech companies.
Microsoft also produces products so they also won't be hit quite as hard. Apple is in unique circumstances since they are so heavily tied to China woes.

 In conclusion the big tech bubble will burst this recession since thier business model of purely selling advertising opportunities is the most vulnerable to recessions.

Marketing gets hammered in recession


PROOF: Another Fake Shooting in the El Paso Walmart False Flag Hoax in Cielo Vista Mall Texas

Of course, you don't even need to read the news at all anymore to know that all the Mass Publicized shootings are fake.  One good indicator is the immediate uncovering of a "Manifesto".  This manifesto is written by the Intelligence Agencies and dropped off at the media to direct and promote the narrative.

Watching the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7317905/El-Paso-police-say-theres-active-shooter-local-mall.html#v-1095849101931856524

Witness describes 4+ shooters in all black, not a lone gunman in khaki dress pants!

Another Witness describes 3 men in all black running in shooting, not one dude in tan pants strolling in!

Of Course Paid Parkland Actors were there!

Pathetic Fake wounds

The patsy is in state of "Shock and Confusion" Which is a hallmark of a Monarch Mind Controlled Victim.

It is abundantly clear that this was a Columbine type of fake shooting.  The witness describes 4+ men in blackout clothes ran in shooting what were likely blanks into crowds of what were likely Crisis Actors that fell dead with their blood packets.  Yet the news media blame a lone gunman who hates immigrants...right.

So why do the FBI Terrorists always use more that one person?  Because they need the appearance of Overwhelming Force, just like they use in the Military.  Seeing 4+ people in black and obviously bulletproof vests run in shooting volleys of blanks at you would make even someone with a Concealed Carry Firearm turn cheek and run.  They didn't want their operatives to have the chance to be shot during this Psychological Operation.

Then they pull out their Monarch Mind controlled patsy and lead him to the cop car, via his handler, in cuffs. The Patsy totally deranged and without a clue of what is happening.  They knew after Lee-Harvey Oswald that they need Patsy's that are fully brainwashed and deranged so they wouldn't even know what happened and wouldn't speak out.

"We need to be repetitive about this and not just do it on a Monday but every day of the week, we need to really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way"

- Paraphrase of Eric Holder.


Of course this is psychological warfare election meddling in the US 2020 election and is treason and terrorism by the FBI and CIA and any other involved agencies; likely government contractors like Lockheed Martin who were also responsible for 9/11 and Columbine and the Las Vegas Fake Shooting.