What AI teaches us about the Real Intelligence: God

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There is a huge push by the technocratic overlords for AI.  Artificial intelligence can artificially age faces based on known trends in aging.  Puffing faces, wrinkles, saggy chins.  We can observe trends and program them and apply current data and run it through the algorithm.

But take a look at a human face.  Take a look at many human faces.  Did God design each one?  Yes and no.  There is an infinite variety and each one can be exquisitely beautiful.  God designed the algorithm as genetics.  The infinitely complex rules of how genes can combine to make unique things.  How is it that every fingerprint is unique yet so similar?  This is the beauty of the algorithm developed by God.

Instead of trying to usurp God by creating algorithms for manipulation like the anti-human technocrats. we should be trying to understand God's algorithms and use that knowledge to help humanity.  From curing diseases to healing past hurts - learning from God and His creation in Nature will bring us to our very own unique destiny.

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