Thought and explanations are divergent

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The overarching theme in internet culture of the tech oligarchs is they are trying to see or induce convergence in thought and explanations.  The ultimate goal of evil has always been making themselves indespensible and immortal, gaining a monopoly on existance.  The tech oligarchs especially google, facebook, and amazon feel their immortality and success is based on finding the convergence in humanity and the universe.  They believe that reality is simply a program that is finite and they want to be the ones to find the convergence and exploit it.  Google wants to find convergence in searches.  Currently 1 in 6 searches have never been searched before.  With trillions of searches this is a pretty amazing feat.  Google is hoping that someday this will converge to the point virtually no searches are unique and google has all of human thought and conciousness catalogued.  Amazon with Alexa wants to converge answers.  They believe every search online has one best answer and that is the one Alexa will give you when you ask a question.

News flash.  Humanity is divergent.  Thought is divergent.  Conciousness is truly creative and there is no box big enough to contain it, it keeps growing.

What is the mechanism of this divergence? This makes me think of "novelty" by Terrence Mckenna.  Our brains are designed to be recievers of cosmic information and to be truly creative which process happens during DMT release in REM sleep.  New things are created by conciousness.  This not only means that the universe must be infinite; growing in not necessarily size, but complexity every second.  Also we as a species and every other species are infinite as well, there is no limit to human ingenuity and accomplishment.  To he who gives, he shall recieve. And to he who has, more will be given.  To he who teaches, he will learn - in his sleep.

If the tech oligarchs cannot find convergence in humanity, they will try to induce it.  This is a very scary thought indeed.  The parasites survival is based on controlling the host.  Convergence of humanity firstly cannot be achieved because of our inherent divine connection, but enslaving us, manipulating us, censoring us, and disrupting REM sleep is a way to slow divergence in thought.  And this is what they will attempt.

And this is why Alexa is laughing.

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