Salvia Divinorum may cause severe Campylobacter overgrowth and sensitization

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Salvia is an interesting plant that contains Salvinorin.  This ingredient is extremely psycoactive and is seen as dysphoric.  I think one of the reasons for the dysphoria for me is the intense pins and needles feeling I get from it.  I don't think this feeling was present when I first tried it, I think it came after repeated use.  Well from my research pins and needles feeling is from Campylobacter jejuni.  Taking ginger kills campylobacter and that did seem to help during the experience.  I used the plant a lot a long time ago and I have always attributed that time using Salvia as a major reason behind my severe insomnia that developed a few years later, and campylobacter I discovered later was a large part of my insomnia and ginger is one of the main things that helps me sleep.

So my theory is that salvia use can reduce the bodies tolerance of neurotoxins from campylobacter.  Perhaps this has to do with the kappa opioid system or something else.  Perhaps certain receptors are downregulated during habituation to long term use which leaves the body more vulnerable to campylobacter toxins.

A similar thing happens with DMT and pseudomonas bacteria.

For a modern day shaman it is extremely important to understand what bacteria these enlightening substances invoke, and take proper steps to control the bacteria so the user isn't effected negatively perhaps for a lifetime.

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