Recession will hit in 2019; Tech Bubble will Burst

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The recession will come before the end of the year, likely it will be felt much sooner.  Shockingly people have not yet figured out that everytime the FED lowers interest rates, we enter a recession.  If the FED were really trying to keep a stable economy small cuts followed by small rises followed by small cuts etc. then there would be no predictable recessions and rather no recessions at all.  It is really easy to do.  But what you have to understand is that the predictable boom bust cycle is how the globalist central bankers make lots of money.  When they raise rates, they keep raising several times.  And when they lower rates, they lower several times in a row.  The point here is when they start lowering, people know they will keep lowering which means people stop investing because they know that investment returns are dropping (interest rate dictates investment returns).

Like a lumberjack who first cuts the wedge on the front of the tree (raising interest rates untill we hit an inverted yield curve), then makes the back cut (lowering interest rates); felling the global economy is how they make a living.

It is a good time to short stocks (Especially Tech Stocks and Auto Industry Stocks), and also to get into recession assets like bitcoin (bitcoin is headed for 100k in the next several months) and precious metals especially tellurium, platinum, silver, and rhenium which are relatively underpriced. Also get your money into cash.



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