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So due to a request I am going to design a facial cleanser.  If you haven't already noticed, I have created a NatureHacker store on Amazon so this may end up there after it has been perfected  (nothing is ever perfect or finished and this will be under constant development ... but you get what I mean).

This recipe is going to be based on the work I have already done over the years

Real wound care

Synthetic human sebum

and can't leave out guide to gut microbes

why no tea tree?  do you really think the mainstream would sell you something healthful?  Tea tree oil is a neurotoxin and should never be used.

So here is my starting recipe: (<<...>> means that this recipe is also defined.)

1 tsp manuka honey (used as a humectant)
1/2 tsp food grade de (in this case used as a exfoliant)
1/2 tsp natures fury (used as a natural emulsifier and anti-microbial)
15 drops <<Wound oil>>
Arrowroot powder?  Extra water? glycolic acid? lactic acid? ph should be 5.5.
Also need vitamins and minerals and collagen promoters like proline, lysine, glycine, ascorbic, PCA, silicic acid, and citric acid. 

Wound Oil:
1 oz <<synthetic human sebum>>
10 drops thyme eo (staphylococcus)
10 drops cinnamon eo (pseudomonas)
5 drops peppermint eo
5 drops oregano eo
5 drops lemongrass eo
5 drops orange eo (serratia)
5 drops eucalyptus eo (mycobacterium)
5 drops clove eo
5 drops juniper berry eo (tetanus, didn't notice this but just to be safe)
5 drops rosemary eo
5 drops fresh ginger eo (campylobacter)

Synthetic human sebum:

1 TBSP      Grapeseed oil
1 TBSP      Extra light Olive oil        (less irritating than virgin)
2.5 TBSP   Palm oil                          (preferably refined, again virgin may be more irritating)
2 TBSP      Jojoba oil
1 TBSP      Squalane                         (available online I like Mayumi)
2 Drops     Vitamin E                        (T-50 available online) 


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