Natural cure for stiff neck caused by concussion or whiplash

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THC is bad for some people.  THC is proinflammatory by inducing COX-2.  If you have iron overload your COX-2 is already elevated and a high dose of THC could knock you out in a bad way.  For people that are anemic or otherwise deficient in COX-2 activity, THC is medicine.  For the rest of us, stick to CBD which is a COX-2 inhibitor and is anti-inflammatory.

If THC or something else like alcohol makes you fall and hit your head and suffer a concussion, or are in car accident, a stiff neck may be a symptom in your future.  Luckily I have pinpointed exactly what bacteria causes stiff neck and itbis the same one that is host to the common cold, haemophilus influenzae.

Knowing the bacterial cause is usually 90% of the solution, but it wasn't in this case.  This is a tough bacteria and it was quite hard to find a suitable natural cure.  Thankfully I finally discovered a great one.  Always follow your interests.  The strange cooling sensation from chewing echinacea root and seeds interested me and I did lots of research on the akylamides and eventually linked them to killing hemophilus.  So if something interests you and makes you want to learn more, always do.

So anyway take echinacea purpurea root powder capsules (any echinacea can work but purpurea root has the highest levels of alkylamides, the thing that makes your tongue feel cool, tingly, and numb if you chew it) until the stiff neck subsides on the order of 3-5 per day.  Take more if and when the stiff neck returns.  I think you will be suprised with how well echinacea can beat stiff neck and haemophilus!  And also how gentle it is on the other gut microbes.

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