How to make a plant based synthetic human sebum

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This was an old post from my blog bydimarco.blogspot.com

I no longer agree with the part about the polysorbates, use Natures fury instead (1 part tribulus terrestris extract powder, 5 parts gynostemma extract powder.

I am revisiting making a facial cleanser using this recipe as the oil base and my wound care recipe from here: http://www.naturehacker.org/2018/12/real-wound-care.html 


Here is a professional, yet accessible recipe for making human skin oil.  There are many benefits to doing this, but anecdotal evidence shows it can improve the health of the skin, possibly be used to treat premature ejaculation, improve scalp, etc.

Ever want to have the best moisturizer but torn between all the fad products and ingredients?  One thing almost all of those fad ingredients have in common is they use certain components of skin oil.  Why not combine those beneficial ingredients in the proper biological concentrations to have a lifelong solution to skin moisturization!

Here is the recipe:

1 TBSP      Grapeseed oil
1 TBSP      Extra light Olive oil       (less irritating than virgin)
2.5 TBSP   Palm oil                       (preferably refined, again virgin may be more irritating)
2 TBSP      Jojoba oil
1 TBSP      Squalane                     (available online I like Mayumi)
2 Drops     Vitamin E                     (T-50 available online)

Optional: (if you want to increase the absorption of the oil or use it as a truly moisturizing cleanser)

1/4 tsp Polysorbate 80 (again available online)
1/4 tsp Polysorbate 60 (also available online)

And that's it! heat up during/after mixing until clear.  If it settles later on, heat it up again until clear again before use (in the body the oil is kept at 98 degrees so it might settle at a lower temperature :).  Microwaving is fine, 20 seconds on high should do it.

I place this recipe in the public domain; Feel free to use this recipe yourself, improve it, sell it, or make it commercially.

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