Google Search is Officially Worthless

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I always used google to search my site in google by typing: Naturehacker gut microbes; basically naturehacker then whatever I wanted to find in my site.  I started noticing that things I typically searched this way were starting to come up empty.  For example I would always get an easy hit with the above search terms, it would bring me to my page "quintessential guide to gut microbes". However one day it stopped showing that result.  I went through every page of google results and it wasn't there.  Different people on different ip's and different devices tried this search and couldn't find my page.  At the end of the results I clicked "show omitted results".  Instantly my guide to gut microbes page showed right up in the results, not just for me but for everyone.

What this shows is that google will stealth censor a page and then as soon as someone notices, they stop censoring it.  This is happening on a grand scale now.  Simply make a search on google and duckduckgo side by side and see all the great results google is missing.  We used to be forced to use google search because it was by far providing the most relevant results.  With google censorship in full swing this is unequivocably no longer the case. 

DuckDuckGo gives by far better results than google now and will only get better as they add more web crawlers.  Unfortunatly for google their "AI algorithm" will be their downfall as it is now clear they use it for censorship.

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