Announcing the official start of the Mini Ice Age

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The mini ice age has officially begun.  Since this is the case, for the next 10 years things will only get worse.  The sun is in a dormant period which means we will have elevated earthquakes, volcanism, wars, bizzare weather, and weakening of earths magnetic field which will lead to more diseases as we are inundated with space radiation. The things that really triggered me to officially announce the start of this period was the very abnormally cold and long winter in much of the US this last winter, heavy rains much later than normal in the east of the country this year which will lead to widespread crop loss and increase in food prices, the quakes in california, and increase in volcanism this year including increase in geyser activity in yellowstone.  ALL of these aformentioned things will get worse every year for at least 10 years, then it will slowly get better, but some are predicting low solar cycles for the rest of the century.

All of this just happens to coincide with the two X paths of solar eclipses (great american solar eclipse) which also trigger earthquakes.

It also coincedes with HAACE and HAARP geoengineering.

It also coincides with so many more things that i can't detail them all again.  Please read the NatureHacker prophecy for all indicators pointing to our current place in history:

NatureHacker Prophecy

Also just a warning that the economy will enter recession as soon as the FED starts lowering rates.

California quakes

Yellowstone geyser acticity record levels

Heavy rains and crop failures 2019

Volcanism awakens


Great american solar eclipses

Earthquake correlation with solar eclipses

Why does volcanism awaken?  Think of solar activity like a mixer on our planet and its molten core.  When the mixing of our core via our magnetic field interacting with solar ejecta stops, boiling begins.  If you have a pot of boiling water and you stir it, the boiling stops.  When you stop mixing, it starts boiling.  Likewise when the sun stops mixing earths molten core via solar activity, the molten core boils causing volcanos.

Leads to wars


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