All-Natural Herbal Alternative Treatment of Hemochromatosis

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Treating Hemochromatosis, a very common inflammatory disease of iron overload, has never been easier.

The biggest breakthrough I have found so far in this journey is eating lots of raw green cabbage.  I simply chop organic cabbage and mix in some real mayonnaise.  Do not add anything acidic like vinegar which will leach iron and worsen the condition.  Raw pH neutral green cabbage on an empty stomach for breakfast is the best natural treatment of hemochromatosis.

Besides that, drinking unsweetened tea with every meal can help.  Better than that is a supplement mix I designed that should be taken with every meal that includes IP6, green tea extract, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, etc.


The best herbal friend a hemochromatosis patient has is Agrimony herb powder.  H Pylori seems to thrive on high iron and causes allergic attack on organs like the heart.  Agrimony counters this very well.  If you get heart skipping beats you need agrimony.  Also  if you have heart palpitations or heart beating too fast or joint pain, this is caused by streptococcus overgrowth and treated by saponins like gynostemma, ginseng, and tribulus.


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