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Well boys?  This is how this all goes down.  Strap in we are in for a wild ride.

Where are we in history?  We are in a very important time.  The importance of this time in history is extremely rare however it is not the end of the world, nor is it the most extreme catastrophic period.

We are at the end of an epoch and just beginning the next since 2013.  Is this based on the mayan calendar ending in 2012?  No it isn't at all, but this makes me think the Mayans were somehow aware of these epochs as well as the early christians were via John the Beloved's Revelation.

We are at the 4th seal of Revelation 6.  Each seal was 666 years since 15 AD.  Each epoch is denoted by the same comet of various names such as Negra/ISON, etc.  Each orbit of this comet is 666 years. Each seal represents a pass of this comet and an upheaval of power.  The first seal was the rough beginning of the Roman empire (15 AD), second seal was the rough beginning of the Islamic caliphate (681 AD), third seal was the rough beginning of the Rothschild Internationalist (globalist) banking order (1347 AD) which period began with the black plague which killed 1/3 population in 3 years. The color black (black horseman) described in Revelation denotes the color of the comet this pass, and it was named comet Negra because it had a black hue.  This black hue is likely from Iron and large amounts of iron vapor likely entered the atmosphere when going through this comets tail.  This iron supercharged Yersinia bacteria, the bubonic plague bacteria.  Hemochromatosis or iron overload also traces its origins back to this time in history. The fourth seal is the Age of Cults (2013 AD) and where the previous power brokers vie against one another for power.  Imperialism, Islam, and Internationalism (3 I's) or Conquest, Caliphate, and Central Banking (3 C's).  In this age 1/4 of the population will be killed with the war, famine, disease, and wild beasts.  The pale (greek word means green) horse denotes the color of the comet, lets call it the Seven Seals Comet (SSC).  As it was known this pass as ISON, yes the color was pale green.  This should also be marked with Hades following closely behind the Pale Comet.  Hades is the wandering planet also known as Nibiru or Pluto (wrongly named) or planet X, so we should be watching for that to appear.  We went through the tail of ISON and recieved megatons of the potent toxin Cyanide into our atmosphere, so this may cause disaster in terms of disease on our planet.  Nationalism (Conquest) with the Queen and Britian leaving the EU and Trump taking up nationalism will battle with the Central Bankers (the people leading the EU and the UN), and Islam will join the battle for power as well as the catholic church which is also a vestige of the roman empire.

So now we know we are in a new age and that this age will be marred with war, hunger, disease, and wild animals and I believed ruled by cults as most people pick a side.  However there are 2 more factors that also add to this prophecy and help us understand how this will all unfold; the revelation 12 sign and the upcoming mini ice age.

Revelation 12 sign.  For the revelation 12 sign to line up almost exactly with the new epoch is pretty astounding.  Revelation 12 signs are quite rare (appear every several hundred years).  One happened in 2017.  Whithin around 7 years of a Revelation 12 sign there is a beast and antichrist.  What lines up with this is the great solar eclipses that X out the USA centered on illinois one in 2017 and one in 2024.  These portend the coming Antichrist here in the US in 2024.  I believe the Antichrist will be President Martin O'Malley who pays homage to the Beast Xi Jinping who is the beast of this age.   Again I must reiterate this is not the end of the world, beasts and antichrists arise every time the Revelation 12 sign appears in the heavens, and it has happened several times before, use Stellarium to find them in history.  Every time a Revelation 12 sign appears, historically roughly 7 years persecution and many times killing of Christians begins.  My estimation is that Islam is used by the Antichrist to kill christians starting around 2024.  Also to buy or sell you have to get a mark.  In other Rev 12 periods these marks were papers given by emperors or other things.  In this age I expect it to be a literal high tech invisible tattoo given on the hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.  We are even noticing even now people bieng "debanked" for bieng prominent conservatives.  This will go into overdrive in 2024.

And lastly we are entering a mini ice age that will reach its peak in 2030.  We are about to experience 2 more weak solar cycles (each one is roughly 10 years). In this time we will have global cooling brought on by lower solar activity and increased volcanism which restricts light that reaches the earth.  Also typically in these times upheavels and wars happen, so expect that between now and 2040.  Also superstition goes rampant in this time so the way Christians are likely to be persecuted this time will be as "climate deniers".  All this strange weather (which will not be global warming induced at all, but rather Solar induced) will be blamed on global warming and anyone who denies global warming and votes against carbon initiatives will be seen as the problem and the reason we can't implement "planet saving" carbon restrictions.  We will be targeted.  This persecution will likely start around 2024.  Ice ages also lead to favoring genetics of larger animals, so in this period we will likely see the return of large menacing creatures we thought were extinct.  What we have to realize is that according to my GVR (genetic vector resevoir) theory is that genetics are never lost on this planet and will make a resurgance when the conditions favor them.  These large ice age creatures are what could lead to the deaths of people to wild animals in this fourth seal.  Also it seems animals like sharks and crocodiles are becoming more aggressive and vicious as the ice age begins here in 2019.  Expect dire wolves and mabye even wooly elephants.

And that's about all I have for you.  I have written about many of these topics before on this blog so please refer to my previous posts for more info, eventually I will make a "Prophecy" category that you will be able to find at the bottom of the webpage and sort by all of my prophecy posts.

Oh and by the way the economy will collapse as soon (within a couple months) of the feds lowering interest rates. It always happens every time. (grey bars in graph below are recessions). Likely will happen around September of this year just in time to embarrass Trump for the Election. No doubt election interference by the FED.

Comet Negra

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