The first step to freedom is to admit that you are a slave

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They say that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem.

I admit that I am a slave and there is nothing I can do to break myself free.

Sure there are a few people who are strong enough to learn basic survival skills and go to a part of the earth that is not patrolled by the globalist or nationalist jackboots that will forceably remove you and destroy everything you have built and collected...and survive there.  Someplace like alaska or siberia or something.  There is a lot to learn to be able to survive there even for 1 year and all that knowlege and culture has been stripped from us.

But the vast majority of us simply aren't strong enough to live without our slavemaster overlords.  Our extended captivity leaves us useless and devoid of the knowlege and experience we would need to survive on our own and it has also robbed us of the community that is essential for life to exist outside our societal prison.  We need eachother to have an abundant life and others living together outside society doesn't exisit, and if it does exist like eskimos in alaska, we as non-natives aren't welcome for the most part to join their society.

So what can we do?  The most common thing a living thing does in captivity is let itself die.  Look at Julian Assange for example.  Look at the depression and suicide in our society.  That is actually a natural response to opression.  The most dignified way in my opinion is to just not have kids.

However that isn't even the best way to fight back.  Even if there is no possibility of you yourself winning and breaking free from the matrix, you can help to put humanity on track to eventually break free from captivity.  Help a little.

Help make peoples lives a little bit easier and give them tools to empower themselves.  Charge as little as you can for your product.  Help someone in need.  Try to empower people and encourage their ideas and dreams.  Cure a disease with herbal medicine. You see, the stronger we get collectively, the closer we are to breaking out of this prison.

So even though you and I won't make it, and perhaps we hedge our bets by not procreating, the more we empower others the closer we all get to becoming free.

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