Hemochromatosis: Plebotomies are deadly for arrhythmia patients natural cure

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Not only does Plebotomy - removing blood from a patient - take out red blood cells containing iron, but it also removes serum which is a large portion of the bodies protien reserve.  For arrhythmia or heart skipping beats, this can be deadly as the body needs all this protien to support a healthy heart and fight hpylori which causes arrhythmia and ulcers.  These patients may also have tachycardia which worsens the disease.

To naturally treat tachycardia take natures fury (1 part tribulus terrestris extract, 3 parts gynostemma or ginseng extract).  For arrhythmia take agrimony herb powder.

To naturally treat hemochromatosis iron overload without dangerous phlebotomies my current mixture I encapsulate is: (pure bulk is best supplier)

3 parts Ip6
2 parts grape seed extract (95% proanthocyanins)
2 parts green tea extract (50% polyphenols)
1 parts pomegranate extract (90% ellagic acid)
1/2 part bilberry extract (25% anthocyanins)
1 1/2 parts natures fury
1 part agrimony
1/2 part garlic
1/2 part thyme
1/2 part mustard

I take at least one 00 capsule of this every meal.

Treating hemochromatosis naturally like this ensures that the bodies protien stores are not depleted and also hemoglobin does not decrease either.

The natures fury (recipie above) helps increase the bioavailability of the recipie.  Also it kills gram positive bacteria that would otherwidse degrade ip6.  The agrimony herb powder kills hpylori that causes arrhythmia and other problems like ulcers.  The garlic powder kills mycobacteria which can cause stabbing heart and lung pain and also corynebacteria which seems to cause heartburn in conjunction with hpylori.  Thyme and mustard powders kill gram negative bacteria like ecoli which break down ip6 as well.

Case study arrhrythmia

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