Give Karma: Open source coin made from UV Activated Ocean Plastic (UVAP)

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Clean up our oceans with Give Karma!

The most important thing is that Give Karma should always be given, never sold.  What makes it special is the only way you can recieve Give Karma is to either make it yourself or for someone to give it to you.  It's free to Give Karma.

Give Karma is a disc (coin, token, chip, whatever you want to call it) that is 50%, by volume, plastic taken from the ocean.  It is defined as a 50mm round that is 5mm thick. This means each one has 9.82 cc's of ocean plastic each.  Most will likely be made of PET at least initially since it is easy to grind, and PET has a density of 1.38g/cc.  PET is also not only the most common ocean plastic but also the hardest to degrade. Every coin has rougly 7.12g of ocean plastic each.

Roughly 21 trillion total can be minted with a tail supply emission of 1.12 trillion more per year (at the current rate).  This is a 5 and a third percent inflation, which just so happens to be the optimum amount, and 1 million times the supply as bitcoin.  Bitcoin is also considering a tail emission as well to prevent the perils of deflation.

This supply is based on 150 million metric tons (1.5 × 10^14 g) of ocean plastic exist currently with 8 million metric tons (8 × 10^12 g) added per year.  Tying a coin's inflation rate to real world consumption just so happens to be a perfect way to stabilize an economy.  The end result is that all ocean plastic would be used up as fast as it is created if this idea is a success.

Each coin is 50mm in diameter and 5mm thick and 1/2 of the volume (+/- 10%) is ocean plastic.  Each coin should have no part thicker than 5mm.  Any engraving should not cover more than half the coin surface area of either side and should be at a depth of no more than 0.3mm, this includes engraving on the rim.  Notice I say "should" as some experimentation is ok but we want each coin to be pretty uniform.  The engravings can be anything you want, from advertisements to art to fortunes or anything in between.  Get inspired by pogs.

Give Karma is, at a minimum, UV Activated Plastic (UVAP).  What this means is that the disc is designed to degrade in the sun.  Other degradation methods such as bio (bacteria/fungus/seeds) or thermal can be done also if desired.

This is accomplished with breaking down the plastic into a powder and mixing with special ingredients and then pressed into shape.  These UV activating ingredients can be anything so please experiment!  My recipie for the Give Karma I produce will be the following:

Half volume of powdered PET plastic sourced from the ocean

Half volume of the following:

100 parts Exfoliated vermiculite peroxide (photocatalyst, iron, oxidizer)
10 parts Bilberry extract powder (chelator)
5 parts Willow extract powder (adjunct to chelator)
5 parts Chamomile seeds (bioremediator)
2 parts lactobaccilis plantarum powder (bioremediator)

I will press it in a heated vacuum mold at 75c in a 20 ton press with vacuum applied.  Pressure will be held for 10 minutes to allow the sintering.

Photocatalysts like ZnO (non-nano), and absorbers/conductors like graphene would also be good to try.  Mushroom spores are worth exploring. Cellulose nitrate in small quantities may also be worth trying and see if it improves fenton oxidation efficiency.  TiO2 should not be tried because it is cancerous upon inhalation.  Every ingredient of Give Karma should be both safe to eat and breathe just to be safe.

My recipie above was designed to create a photo-fenton reaction.  The vermiculite is the iron source and also the matrix for the disk.  Also it is peroxidized (soaked in hydrogen peroxide for a time and evaporated to dryness) to oxidize the iron for the fenton reaction to proceed. The bilberry extract powder contains anthocyanins which can help keep the iron soluble and reactive.  The willow extract contains caffeic and ferullic acid which support the anthocyanins and produce color changing effects.  The lactobaccilis planarium is a harmless bacteria that contains enzymes that might degrade plastic.  The chamomile seeds will help convert the degraded plastic into bio-energy and provide something useful.  Also the seeds make sure the user buries it, which will ensure that full remediation is achieved.

The process an end user would have would be to spray the disk with water or put in a shallow tray of water in the sun for a few days to allow the plastic to degrade, then bury it to grow flowers from the embedded seeds.  This is an end-of-life use of the plastic so this plastic will never reach the oceans again, and if it does the sun will quickly degrade it.  This is in contrast to other products that use ocean plastic; eventually those products will likely make it right back into the ocean or a landfill again.

My notes:

Absorbers, photocatalysts, oxidizers, hydrolyzers

Exfoliated vermiculite peroxide (photocatalyst, iron, oxidizer)
Ocean Plastic powder
Bilberry extract powder
Willow extract powder
Chamomile seeds/Chicory seeds


Polyethylene degradation with catalyst


Pressing with clay and sintering

Pressing with sodium percarbonate

Pressing with silicon or other visible light bandgap material

Plastic uv degradation

Clay semiconductor and photofenton

How do I get a GIVE coin?  Someone has to give one to you.

Lignin is a plastic

Nitrocellulose or other nitrates?

Karma coin? Nah.  Mabye give karma.

Oxidation and hydrolysis for photodegradation

Graphene absorbs light and conduxts heat and electrons

Photo-fenton ferric hydroxide

Photofenton highly efficient

Using photofenton as fertilizer

Ferrulic and caffeic acid with anthocyanin increases color over uv exposure.

Chicory seeds organic

Photofenton ph and concentration, lower ph better or faster only?

Anthocyanin sources

Chamomile seeds small would be good

Lake ontario probably kaolin

Exfoliated vermiculite

Vermiculite used in fenton

Getting plastic to a powder


Marine organism microplastic

Lactobacillis plantarum

Lactobaccilis denitrification

5% inflation good

Glass transition temp lf PET is 70c

It may be possible to use a coffee grinder for PET since the glass transition is so high
but something like this micro-mill where you can control the temperature is ideal

Heated press plates ebay

50mm pellet press die, contact seller if you want them to add vacuum ports which may cut down on sintering times and provide a stronger disk

20 ton hydraulic press.  You can probably get away with a 6 ton or even 2 ton press but the higher the pressure the faster the sinter and also higher quality disc you will produce.

Source for ocean plastic:



Smallest seeds include oregano and wormwood and some orchids


Seeds killed at around 60c so cant put into 3d printer filament


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