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Since most shopping is moving online there are a couple downsides.  For starters it is hard to ship things bought in bulk and used in large quantities such as groceries or water.  These things cannot be shipped economically to everyones home from across the country so Amazon is creating local warehouses so as to lessen this downside and only the last mile needs to be delivered.  So this problem is in the process of bieng solved.

But there is another problem that I don't believe is bieng solved.  Curated content.  A storefront has sections based on department.  Lets say I want to get into crafting but I don't know all the different types of crafting that are typically done.  No problem I go to the arts and crafts section of walmart and see what they have and browse.  You cannot effectively do this online.  You also can't pick things up online and examine them and try them out.  Sometimes you can do this in store but sometimes not.  These are issues you can solve with virtual storefronts.

This is an open source invention for a virtual storefront.  It can be of any form from text based to voice based to 2D to 3D to VR.  Basically you are using any type of technology to create or recreate a "virtual storefront" or any other way to curate products in a way that enhances a user experience.  For example a sewing store can be created where a user sees a sewing machine in front of them and can click on the machine itself to find different types of machines organized by review or any other method, they can click the needle to see many different types of needles and needles for sale, even ones compatible with sewing machine(s) selected, they can click a rack with thread to learn more about what types of threads can be used and options in the marketplace.  Another example could be a store modeled off of radioshack.  So for example someone could go into a virtual radio shack and look at things on the shelf and even look in drawers and find parts they need.

The basic premise of this idea is to help people easily see not only a product they are looking for, but even rather just a hobby they want to explore.  Don't know where to start with knitting?  No problem!  Go to the knitting VR storefront and see all the typical things people buy for knitting and try them out in VR!

The way these stores are curated could be by hand by people employees or others coming up with it, or crowdsourced as to what things people typically buy together or having users create their own stores or ideas for stores, to imitating a real store, to AI algorithms predicting based on user patterns, etc or any other way.

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