How hemochromatosis increases stroke risk

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Hemochromatosis means you have high Iron.  That is my current theory for what is the root cause of all my problems.

High iron prevents normal blood clotting.  Typical chelators can prevent strokes it seems so it would stand to reason that reducing iron in people with hemochromatosis may help their blood clot properly and prevent strokes.  Mabye this is how Bayer is trying to perform eugenics because they know that by advising everyone to take asprin, people with hemochromatosis will be killed off by following this advice and getting a stroke from it.

Low iron causes blood clots


  1. I have been dealing with Hemahromatosis since a test suggesyed that i may have it. I am a type 1 diabetic and the hemachromatosis seems to have me feeling fatigued when i sit.

    Adhd medication or energy drinks are the only relief i have been able to find to leep me awake.

    1. Yes its tough try drinking strong green or black tea with every meal

  2. I most of the time go with green tea and drink warm Luke water every morning as this is something the chines people do and they live pretty long.


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